Ola September!

Oh my life.

It’s just 112 days until Christmas! Where has the year gone?!

It’s been one hell of a year though. I promised myself that 2016 was going to be great and I did not disappoint myself. As you can tell from my previous posts, I have been going through heaps of change this year. I have pushed myself to achieving great things and I am extremely proud of little ole me. Just to remind myself again of the big stuff and instill some Sunday pride, I have launched my blog which currently has 6,397 hits and 827 followers in just 5 months, I have secured an awesome new job and I am moving countries in one week!

You know, every now and then you should always remind yourself of your achievements. Why do this?

Well why not?!

  • Looking back at your achievements instantly reminds you that yes you can do it! Motivation comes instantly galloping at you for the next goal!
  • You become stronger, you are experienced in this. You know what it took to get you to achieve your goal and you can do it again!
  • Your self-confidence grows and you know what, you can handle anything, you are awesome!

Photo Cred: Johan Arthursson

September for me is kind of like an in-betweener. It’s a hoverer! It is still clinging on to warmth and what is left of summer, and is also digging its heels in with deep breaths having to prepare itself for winter. It marks the closure of the end of summer holidays and the beginning of the back to school feeling all over again.

I have always thought of September as a good time to pause and take stock of things. A time to almost re-evaluate. It’s definitely an appropriate time for me to do this with such big changes afoot but it is also serving as a good reminder that I only have three more months to tick off everything I wanted to do before 2017 appears…eek!


Photo Cred: Eric Rothermel

So why do I love September?

  • It’s National Chicken Month!
  • It’s also National Rice Month…
  • September is the ninth month and the only month with the same number of letters in its name in English as the number of the month.
  • The leaves line the streets and turn into magical, warming rustic colours.
  • Poldark starts again on BBC one! Wahoo! Anyone with me on this?
  •  I can officially go shopping for a new coat. Not that I ever need an excuse to shop.
  • The 2017 diaries appear in the stores…I am a little old fashioned and love a good old paper diary!
  • The next Apple iPhone is released…waiting patiently.

What do you love about September? Anything I have missed out?

N x



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