Why You Should NOT Go On A Diet

“Don’t you dare touch that pasta!”

“Put those crisps back right now!”

“How many smartpoints are in a Double Decker?”

Is it just me or are those voices in your head too when you decide to go on a ‘diet’ and oh man, diets are tough nuts to crack. In an effort to not succumb to the winter blues and becoming a couch potato I decided action must be taken. I am back in the gym and loving every minute of it, I mean who doesn’t love smashing out some feel-good tunes on a treadmill followed by a hot and steamy sauna? And that is before I have even stepped foot in the office. Yes amen sisters I have been getting up in the middle of the night to get the 10k steps in so I can chill in the evenings.

Years ago I joined Weight Watchers. It kept me trim, focused, comfortable in a nice little dress size which for me is important as I am frequently called a Hobbit and in recent years an Ewok (?!) so any weight I put on adds to the hilarity of my nicknames. What was great about Weight Watchers is that it became a way of life, I had mastered it. I knew what I could eat and what I should back away from, what gave me more energy and how to balance any naughty cravings with exercise. There was of course no need to attend the dreaded weigh-in, I was disciplined…until I returned to the UK from Singapore!


Photo Cred: Katerina Pavlickova

Since I moved to the UK a few months ago (I can’t believe how time flies!), I have unfortunately rekindled my love for hearty soups (which is fine) but what isn’t fine is the absolute non-negotiable desire to accompany it with crusty bread and butter! My other new found love is awesome chunky doorstopper sandwiches (for some reason I could never find a decent sandwich in Singapore). So deja-vu, the journey begins all over again and that weigh day dread has returned. That dread however is fuelled by sincere determination. I don’t want to feel like I have failed and I want to see real results after working so hard to stick to the plan and exercise as much as I can. Plus exercise is an endorphin pill right there!


Photo Cred: Brooke Lark

I may be a little controversial here but although I have joined Weight Watchers, it’s not a diet. Not to me anyway. It’s the same with any slimming club. They provide the tools for you to have a new way of life and a new thought process about healthier living. In my opinion, the word ‘diet’ is negative, it suggests that if you stop you will regain all of those awesome lbs you lost, so what’s the point? Just change your lifestyle, all the slimming clubs and diets out there provide you with the tools and help you in the lifestyle change journey. They encourage the exercise, the wellbeing, the mindset and the rest is down to you. Sounds like common sense right? But here’s an example of how mindset can be changed. I made a massive faux pas the other evening at home by suggesting that for dinner we could have Chicken Chasseur ‘Weight Watcher style’ and immediately the reaction (I could tell by his face) was that he just wasn’t eating it. It was rabbit food. When in actual fact it was chicken, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, carrots, tomato puree, rice, stock and a healthy alternative to garlic bread! You know, just normal food. And guess what, he liked it. Ker-ching!

THE Chicken Chasseur!

Slimming clubs can sometimes get a raw deal in this sense but the key is to remember that you don’t have to only stick to the recipes your slimming club suggest, you can eat what you like as long as you adapt it to healthier alternatives and substitute if required, but it does not limit you.

Weight Watchers: St Botolphs Church Centre, Bishopsgate, London

I have just completed week two of my weigh in, I would like to lose a stone, 14 lbs or 6.35kgs, whichever conversion you use. I have lost 3lbs so far. Did you know that’s the weight of an average human brain?! I was disappointed that I hadn’t lost more as I have been so good but when you can equate it to something like that you actually feel quite proud.

Photo Cred: Elizabeth Lies

So what I am saying here is don’t diet, just change your lifestyle. If it’s crisps you fancy, have crisps. And if you desire there are heaps of less heavy taties out there and options to give you the same texture and flavour you seek. And make sure you are changing your lifestyle because you want to eat healthier, be more active and have heaps more energy not because you want to look like you may fall down a grid.


  • Diets do NOT help you maintain weight loss in the long term.
  • You feel restricted. You are told you can’t eat certain things so guess what, you binge and crave. That’s no fun and then the guilt sets in.
  • You ALWAYS feel hungry and then feel miserable because you want crisps and you can’t have them.
  • What happens when the diet ends? The likelihood is you put the weight back on and then the cycle starts all over again.
  • They can actually be harmful, starving your body is not a good thing!

Good luck if you are on a similar journey to me and remember if you want cake…have cake!

N x

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