Three Good Things

Happy Friday!

It’s been a beautiful day today in London. Fresh, but the sun has been shining and a chance to flash the sunglasses. The weekend is finally here, time to down tools and enjoy those two days of bliss.

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It’s been an odd week, busy and pensive hence why today’s post is a little delayed (apologies!) but as usual in our day to day lives there are some silver linings which help keep us going. There are three in fact for me…


And a special one at that. One of my gorgeous friends is getting married in November. The hotel is booked, the food is chosen but some serious shopping needs to take place for an awesome outfit (any excuse right?). This weekend sees the reunion of some old colleagues and friends to celebrate the beautiful bride to be. Excited much.


Ok so I am waaaay behind in joining the GOT party, happy to admit I am a newbie however after hours of being glued I am up to Season 5 and can absolutely say I am addicted, obsessed, whichever adjective is more suitable. Is there going to be anyone left in the next season as people are murdered in each episode?! It has however been my escapism this week and a much welcomed distraction. I reckon I will be completely up to speed with the rest of you guys soon. What the hell am I going to do when I reach the end? What can I watch then? Any suggestions? Help!

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I’ve decided to splurge on some new clothes. It wasn’t really a decision, it took all of two seconds to decide that this was an essential action to take. My apartment has had a dose of love, now it’s time to introduce some new items to my wardrobe. Some fresh colours and feel good items always give you a boost. That’s my excuse anyway and I am sticking to it. That and a trip to the hairdressers soon and hey presto, we have a happy lady!

How has your week been? Anything exciting happening out there?

N x

So hey you, yes you…I want to thank you for reading my post. Whether you’ve stuck around since the beginning of my journey or whether you’re new to my blog, thank you for reading and supporting. I genuinely appreciate it.



  1. October 7, 2017 / 10:26 pm

    DYING to hear all about the hen do 🙂 This time last year I was on my hen!! Its the best kind of girly trip for sure!!

    GOT!!! Your only on it now??? Lady seriously how have you held off for so long???!!! Its epic isn’t it! We started Designated Survivor tonight….. HOOKED!!!


    • niccimcshane
      October 26, 2017 / 11:53 pm

      Oh man I need to catch up on that! I’m hooked on game of thrones!!! Like addicted isn’t even the word! Xxxx

      • October 30, 2017 / 9:55 pm

        You still have eps to watch???? Major jealous right now! I’m thinking of rematching actually… Think of all the stuff I prob missed in the anticipation of it all hahaha xx

        • niccimcshane
          October 30, 2017 / 10:12 pm

          Hahha Yes! I’m so far behind right now!!! Xxx

          • November 1, 2017 / 9:01 pm

            Enjoy and relish in it!! The next season is AGES away!!! xxx

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