Dream It, Believe It, Achieve It

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams
~Oprah Winfrey

I’m feeling inspired, proud and motivated. Why? Well, it’s all thanks to Ridley Scott and his elevating speech at The BAFTAs. He praised teachers for, “Drawing the student out, igniting independence and encouraging them to design their own future, rather than waiting for something to happen.”

Whilst I am no longer a student, it was a stark reminder that each one of us can achieve anything we set our minds to if we want it. And the dreams we have, those goals and achievements are not silly fantasies, no matter how some people may try to portray them. They are real objectives and intentions with a successful destination, for every individual.

Photo Cred: Alejandro Alvarez

I was inspired to consider my own achievements. I spoke recently of how I lost my blogging mojo, I was suffering from the attack of the blinking cursor and felt like blogging was just becoming well, too hard. And sometimes I am not afraid to admit, I take it for granted. It’s something I do, each week, it’s not only a passion of mine it’s my part-time career, my business.

But something was ignited in listening to Ridley’s speech. I felt proud of my achievements, of where I am and who I have become, including becoming a successful lifestyle blogger. It isn’t easy in a competitive industry, where attractive content is gathered and shared globally in that humungous blogosphere. The dedication and commitment required can be immense but you know what, that passion, elation and sense of adventure were back and with full force. I was itching to open the laptop and excitedly create more content, the words were flowing and I was in a frenzy to head out with the camera to continue building my image portfolio.

I revisited my statistics, it’s coming up to my two year blogging anniversary and I am delighted at how far I have come. I am grateful to all my readers for their time in not only reading my work but honoured for those that take the time to comment and then share on to others.

Two years ago I had that dream, that ache to make a difference in the world, in my own way. And to have a voice. My aspiration was immensely supported by dear friends who let me know in no uncertain terms then and now, that whatever I wanted to do, I can and will achieve it. There was no put down in sight, no jealousy or lechery. Just positivity and limitless encouragement for my endeavours. Having that in your life is special and symbolic of the kind of person you are in having that kind of positive and loving support.

So my message to you is simple, whatever you want to do in life, you go and do. It is your life and you only have one of them. If at any point the put-downs or negativity appear, remember that no one else is living your life. They have their own to live, so let them live it with whatever dreams they may or may not have.

Then you go head out and dream it, believe it, achieve it.

N x

So hey you, yes you…I want to thank you for reading my post. Whether you’ve stuck around since the beginning of my journey or whether you’re new to my blog, thank you for reading and supporting. I genuinely appreciate it.

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