Why We Should Step Out Of Our Comfort Zone Every Now And Then

Ever been thrown in at the deep end?

Take yourself back to that moment for a second. All of a sudden you find yourself in unchartered territory, the panic ensues, the brain freeze takes over. There’s an inability to see the wood for the trees and you’re completely out of your comfort zone, right?

And then, fast forward until the next time you are in exactly the same situation as the one you just thought of. But somehow it feels different because this time you have experience. Memories of how you handled it means the anxiety lessens and suddenly you are back in control again, familiarity has returned.

Whilst it’s snug and safe to remain in our comfort zone, there are a few reasons why it’s beneficial to sometimes take a few steps out.


Learning how to overcome new situations is an achievement, something to be proud of. We don’t realise it at the time as we are too busy underestimating our capabilities but it exposes us to new situations and opportunities.

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got
~Albert Einstein

Photo Cred: Samuel Zeller / Unsplash


Trying new things, whether it be because of our own choices or finding ourselves in unusual situations, helps us discover things we never knew we liked or disliked. Fresh experiences can open our minds to different possibilities and opportunities. Our lives can be enriched both professionally and personally.


The unknown can instil a boldness and tenacity that we never knew we had, a willpower to succeed with increased confidence. Setting ourselves goals and looking to the end result of how we will feel once we have achieved it gives us a reason to celebrate and feel proud.


Photo Cred: Jaco Pretorius / Unsplash

The main thing which holds us back from stepping outside our comfort zone is fear and uncertainty. We can somehow suppress ourselves without intention but how about if you think about it a different way…what if you are preventing yourself from something amazing happening?! Feels different all of a sudden doesn’t it?

What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Feeling inspired yet? Next time you feel yourself slipping out of your comfort zone it’s ok to recognise that it feels awkward and even distressing. But try to remember a special piece of advice someone once told me, “A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.”

By Nicci McShane

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