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Suffering From Confidence-Itis? I Got Your Back!

You know what…

Everyone, at some point in their lives suffers from confidence-itis.

The best part about this though is that if you do things right, no-one will ever know. Cool right? So bear with me…imagine you are walking through a busy high street, amongst hundreds of other shoppers. You feel like you are the only one at that time feeling uneasy right? Everyone seems to have a purpose, they are all focused on where they are going, they look nice, they are standing tall. Do you know how many other people walking past us may be thinking the exact same thing? Probably heaps! It’s all about perception. Continue reading “Suffering From Confidence-Itis? I Got Your Back!”


10 Ways To Rock Your Day

I’m excited!

You know why? Well why not? Waking up to a sunlit bedroom stretching out in the warmth, grabbing my morning cuppa and turning on the TV to discover there is no breaking news of any more terrorist attacks in London today (thank god). I think quite frankly that is sufficient logic to feel delighted.

The way we think from the minute we wake really can determine how the rest of our day goes. But if you wake in a grump or you stub your toe getting out of bed, you really can change that mood, no honestly you can! Continue reading “10 Ways To Rock Your Day”

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What Is Blogging, Actually?

Really mother?

This was my initial reaction to her question, “What is blogging, actually?”

After 14 months of sweating over WordPress, pouring my heart out to the global blogosphere my mum asks me now?! I of course went into detail with full throttle passion (I can’t help it, I am super proud of being a lifestyle blogger) but then thought mmm actually maybe she has a point here. Time to time I have come across people who are kind enough to support, follow and share my posts but deep down aren’t sure exactly what it all means or I occasionally see a glazed look when I proudly tell people I am a blogger. Continue reading “What Is Blogging, Actually?”

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