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Confessions Of An Audiobook Addict

It’s no secret that I love books.

There’s something about turning actual pages, that distinct smell of paper (especially library books they have such an old smell), the ability to completely disappear for hours and the satisfaction of finishing a whole book to proudly display on a shelf which fills me with immense satisfaction and happiness. I read to learn and to relax. Not only am I a history geek, I read anything from autobiographies to mindfulness lifestyle, the odd romance, and a damn good thriller. That’s it. Vamoose. I’ve gone. I am no longer in the present moment, I am an extra in the book stood amongst everyone as the story unfolds around me. Continue reading “Confessions Of An Audiobook Addict”

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Behind The Scenes: A Day In The Life Of A Lifestyle Blogger


How To Pack For A Short Trip: It’s All About The Miniatures

Leaving on a jet plane…

That’s me twice a week. Minus the jet plane. I am a frequent traveller from London to Jersey for business, I love the short flight but I don’t love how difficult it is to pack for just a few days and squeeze my belongings into a tiny suitcase. I am one of those people that require huge perfume bottles to hand, a gazillion creams and the thought of anyone taking them off me or not being able to take them on a trip brings me out in hives.  Continue reading “How To Pack For A Short Trip: It’s All About The Miniatures”

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