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Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen: Old Street, London

One of the things I love about London in winter (although it wasn’t really winter, it was a week ago and apparently 11 degrees is warm?!) is heading into a dimly lit, warm and inviting restaurant from the cold.

There are two very different restaurants which have topped my list on my recent visit that I just had to share:

1. Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen – what made me fall in love with this restaurant was that you turn off a busy high street and suddenly find yourself in a quiet cobbled street – almost Harry Potter like! It’s freezing cold outside and infront of you is a gorgeous corner building, dimly lit with a cosy greeting.

The interior is an eclectic mix of modern and rustic design, it’s comfortable, romantic and snug. The menu is delightful and reasonably priced! For that mouth watering, close your eyes for a second then open them with a dreamy glaze in your eyes I recommend to try the following:

  • Duck croquettes, prune ketchup
  • Burrito, calcite onion, smoked walnut, malt
  • Gnocchi, Delica squash, goat’s curd, sage, brown butter
  • Short rib, baby garlic, mash, Montgomery Cheddar


Dishoom: Boundary Street, London

2. Dishoom – this hidden speciality has a walk-in / no reservation policy. Bearing in mind how cold it was it was a nice touch bringing a hot toddy whilst you queue. The only downside about this is the length of time it can take to get a table as we were waiting for a good 90 mins before we could sit down to order.

The food however was worth the wait, by this time we were so hungry we pretty much ordered enough to feed a village! The dishes however were divine and the service was exceptional.

The dishes which were my favourite and I recommend trying are:

  • Chicken Ruby
  • Vegetable Biryani
  • Black House Daal
  • Murgh Malai

There were of course many other places I tried which were just as tasty: Gaucho, Cookbook Cafe and Wagamama for pure lunchtime comfort food.

Now I am back in Singapore and on a diet!







6 thoughts on “Back to Blighty

  1. Cool Nicci, Jamie Oliver’s 15 sounds really cosy & inviting. Will definitely try it next time..
    I bet Dishoom has some good music going with the salivating food.. Good one Nicci..

  2. I’ve always wanted to try Jamie’s 15. I’m a massive fan of his and the place looks just beautiful from the outside too. Just perfect…

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