I have read many blogs titled “How to start a blog” but I never envisaged my strive for perfection would go this far. I’m not sure if it’s seeing my lovely clean tiled floor decorated with screwed up paper or the fact that every time I try to write, it looks like I’ve consumed far too many glasses of Veuve.IMG_5268

So…I’ve ditched the pen and paper, binned the screwed up paper, lit a candle, made a cuppa (only Yorkshire Tea will suffice in times of crisis) and reached for the Mac for fresh inspiration. This, I may add for new bloggers like me, is much easier and I could have saved a tree.

My reason for wanting to blog is I’m a complete information junkie. That means I’m regularly found reading EVERYTHING, because for me, life is about absorbing new ideas and I am always sharing them in the office and to my loved ones but I am always itching to take that further and see if I can make a difference.

I was raised in the UK, I’ve been based in Singapore for the past five years, and have passion in abundance for New York City as this is my ultimate dream location to work and live.

So welcome to the world of Nicci, big love and happy reading.

15 Comments on “Twelve…that’s the number of screwed up paper balls on my floor!

  1. Loved this blog! A brilliant start and very proud of you for making this happen. Dreams can come true Nicci and I’m sure they will for you. Look forward to reading more…..

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    • Thankyou so much for taking the time to write a comment! It’s a start but I am overwhelmed with the support at such an early stage! My next blog will be coming soon!


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