A Char-mazing culinary experience!

I couldn’t help myself!

I just had to share a fabulous restaurant I have recently visited! I don’t profess to be a food expert by any means but I am a bit of a foodie. I love trying new places and this one is now on my repeat list – please let me introduce you to CharFor my Singapore readers, if you haven’t visited Char then it’s a must! I will be skipping back, taking my sister and her boyfriend when they visit Singapore for the first time, precisely one week tomorrow! Excited much!


Char: 363 Jalan Besar, Singapore

Char are renowned for their Cantonese roast meats (Cantonese is, I believe one of 8 types of Chinese food!) Ooh Chinese food, I miss that…sweet and sour chicken, crispy chilli beef….it’s a bit different to some of the traditional Chinese food I have experienced since! Oh my, I have just been transported 5.5 years back when I was taken for a work lunch and of course mega excited that we were going to a Chinese restaurant. I was confronted with a menu which looked like it was from The Matrix and I made it very clear to my colleague that I was putting all my trust in him with the choice of food, secretly hoping I wasn’t presented with anything I had to politely decline. Of course the food which arrived was divine, including steamed buns with sticky barbecue pork fillings (omg I am salivating) and the best noodles I have ever tasted, however the finale was something else…CHICKEN FEET! I always have a rule to try food I have never eaten before, but I have to say, this is not for me. It is probably the best thing to eat if you’re on a diet because there isn’t much meat as you can imagine however none the less, I still tried!

I have totally digressed (I do this a lot, my mind is like having 20 Google tabs open at once!).

Back to Char…it was my friends birthday, it’s her favourite restaurant so of course it’s her choice where she has a foodgasm. As soon as we entered the restaurant, boom there it hit you…rich, flavour-some, comforting wafts of food which make you want to immediately claim the nearest table and snatch the menu from the closest waitress! Char has been open for 2 years, it occupies 2 floors boasting a communal, comforting and welcoming feel. The menu is extensive with a detailed description of each dish which makes it difficult to choose because everything sounds amazing. It’s a good job I was with an expert who knew exactly what she wanted to eat! We chose 3 dishes (I was thinking only 3?! I am starving and that is not going to fill me!) however my sensible friend seemed to sense this and kindly said, “It’s ok, we can order more as we go along” – PHEW!


We ordered Special Char Siew, Beef Hor Fun and Beancurd with dry scallops. All washed down with a Hobgoblin beer! I have to be honest in that I only ordered this because it sounded like a Harry Potter butter beer kind of drink (I love Harry Potter!). It was actually a dark malt beer, rich with a toasty taste and I swear I could taste chocolate! Back to the food, oh my, it was serious melt in the mouth heaven! My mouth is watering again.

The Special Char Siew was my favourite, it arrived looking totally naughty! It is succulent pork drenched in a luscious sticky sauce and as someone who doesn’t do ‘fat’ my friend immediately says, “Don’t look at it, just eat it!” – oh man, immediately it melts in your mouth, you know when it almost dissolves? It’s sinful but it really doesn’t matter, it is delectable, I didn’t want to share, I wanted to eat the entire plate.


Left to right: Beancurd with dry scallops & Special Char Siew


Beef Hor Fun

Needless to say, I was more than full after sharing 3 dishes and we really didn’t need to order any more food as we went along! Every mouthful was worth the full and satisfied tummies!

Happy Birthday once again to my dear friend 🙂

If you haven’t yet been to Char, stick it on your list!

N x

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