The Expat Tourist Guide Part 1: The Sister is in town!

Your Emirates flight E352 has landed.


Last Sunday I woke up to glorious sunshine, still dreaming and thinking I had all the time in the world then boom…there came the notification.

My leisurely planned morning of a long walk, a bacon butty and a Yorkshire was shattered to smithereens and instead I was launching myself into the shower, applying makeup in a taxi and frantically asking Uncle to get me to T1 arrivals tout suite!

It was the day; my countdown was over. My little sister and her boyfriend are in Singapore, for the first time! Visions of casually waiting in arrivals with a latte were quickly being replaced with a potential yeti sporting horrific hair being ready to greet them!

I am not quite sure how, but I made it with 5 mins to spare (minus the latte), but mission accomplished none the less. Their tired little faces appeared and I remembered from my previous article Nia Hao how it feels to arrive in Singapore for the first time and being hit with the opening the oven door effect as soon as you step outside, so I quickly shuffled them into a cab.

One of the best things about being an expat is having visitors, I have been very lucky in the amount of friends and family who have been willing to spend their hard earned holidays and money to visit little ole me and enjoy what Singapore has to offer.

Being Little Miss Organised means that I am planning their arrival weeks ahead.

The thing is, having visitors can either plummet you into a tizzy (love that word!) or it can be an immensely gratifying experience. The fundamental learning for me over the years is that I have to remember I am working in the week; I am sadly not on holiday with them, so going out every night after work can be exhausting. Therefore, it is okay to bow out a few nights, prevent yourself from crashing and burning on day 2 and also give both your guests and yourself some space, as I am sure they would like their own time too. Although I do have a great life out here, it isn’t rock and roll every day and the purse along with the food baby belly (which sprouts out of nowhere when I have visitors!) needs a rest too.

Here are  a few tips I have learned to help in your preparation to make things easier for you and your guests:

Prepare your home:  

  • Your guests have made the decision to stay with you in your home and not go to a hotel so remember you don’t need to act like one. Ensure they have fresh bedding and a clean room, fresh bath and beach towels.
  • Top up the fridge/freezer so they can help themselves to anything they want.
  • Purchase and top up travel cards so they can navigate their way around the island without costing them a cent and generally making the experience much easier.
  • Start making a list of things they may want to see and do. If there is anything they want to do which may require a booking, thats something you can do ahead of time and print it out for them.
  • Dig out your wifi password so it’s easily accessible for when they arrive!

Over the next week I will share some more hints and tips on how to help the whole visitor experience much easier and the highlights of our Sister Singa Time, this week has already been a blast. I fear that I began their trip by setting the bar too high. They landed at 8:15am, by midday we were dressed up in 70s themed gear at a free flow Champagne Brunch for my friends birthday and finishing up singing Karaoke until the wee hours. Apparently Arthur (my sisters boyfriend pseudo name – oh he is so going to hate me!), hates karaoke. Funny that as no one could get the mic off him at the end of the night!


The Expat Tourist Guide Part 1: Your Hosts

There are many things planned in which I will share with you as we go along.

So as you can imagine, if I started their holiday off in style, what have the rest of the 2 weeks got in store. Stay tuned!
N x

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