Well Hello Weekend

It’s finally arrived. Pure indulgence coming right up.

Photo: Ian Schneider

My weekends are precious. Time is of no importance, the watch is put away and the alarms are turned off. All week I am clock bound whether it be attending meetings or a spin class so being carefree for 2 days is awesome.

It’s time to put my feet up a bit, this week has been eventful for the poor little blighters. They are still sore from a 6 hour team walk which happened on Wednesday evening. We covered 16km, walking from the CBD through to a popular island resort in Singapore called Sentosa. This is one of my favourite places, the properties are out of this world and it really is a millionaires playground! It has a 2km long beach, many hotels, golf courses, serious boatage on the marina and of course Universal Studios.

So of course, the walk wasn’t ever going to be a boring one. My belly still hurts from laughing so much.

As we walked through Resort World all I could think of was sweets. I knew there was a Candylicious store somewhere and I was on a mission to buy a truck load of penny sweets. Although, they definitely aren’t a penny anymore, mine cost $23! Like whaaaaaaa?! Okay okay I did buy 0.6kgs of them but in my defense, come on, how often do you buy pick n mix?! I also came across a very important bar of chocolate which looks like a cure for all men when they are sick!

We grabbed dinner at Coastes on Siloso Beach. I love it here as the tables and sun loungers are placed on the beach, right up to the shore. Dinner on the beach, how cool right? We were so focused on finishing the walk that it really was a quick bite to eat then back on our feet checking out how the other half live in mansion city (seriously I have never seen anything like it!) before finally ending the night with a beer. I ended the day on 39,500 steps though! BOOM!

Thankfully now the weekend is here, my feet are my friends again.

Weekends for me are an assessment of the week, reflecting on the good stuff I have achieved and taking well earned me time.

What I love about weekends

Sleeping in and lazing around. Having time to reflect and think.


Photo: Sander Smeekes

Spending time reading blogs I follow, new blogs, new articles, general news and basically keeping the information junkie name alive.

Drinking endless cups of tea! I think my kettle should just have a continuous on switch to help make life easier. Oh and a butler would be nice!


Photo: Carli Jeen


Going out for brekkie. I love nipping to my local to grab my favourite eggs benedict. Plus it gives me an excuse to have a few cheeky coffees whilst blogging.


Photo: Joseph Gonzalez

What do you love about weekends?

N x

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