Netflix…you time stealer!

It’s Saturday morning.

Relaxation cuppa

Photo Credit: Morgan Sessions

Catch up time to scour all my news feeds and succumb happily to being the information junkie that I am whilst consuming gallons of ginger tea (my new fad).

My background TV is usually something light in a morning, Ellen or Masterchef (and I mean any of the Masterchef’s, I am impressed by the creativity and always end up with an affiliation to one of the contestants, desperately hoping my favourite wins). But today, the silver Apple remote I swear, was sliding along the sofa trying desperately to get my attention. I’m not weird honestly! And then came the lightbulb moment…okay let’s see what’s on Netflix.

Big. Huge. Mistake.

That was hours ago! I have so much to do and my time has been officially stolen. This Netflix-body-take-over (NBTO) happened a few months ago when I casually decided to watch Gossip Girl. I surfaced into the real world months later. I LOVED IT! It was everything I love all packaged nicely in to 60 minutes…Chanel, Louis Vuitton, crazy glamour, New York and erm…Chuck Bass! All of that and it was in abundance. Have you ever been addicted to a series where you can’t wait to get back home to watch the next episode, you end up thinking you are part of the show and that they are your friends?! Come on, don’t leave me hanging here…

This morning’s time stealer was all down to the Gilmore Girls. I was happily information absorbing with the odd peering over the Macbook screen. This peering became more transfixed, the screen gave up on me and went into power mode. I took that as a sign, I mean I might as well just finish this episode…

Yeah right. Let’s watch episodes 2, 3 and 4 seeing as Netflix is already on a countdown for the next one to begin. I mean it would be rude to exit at that stage right? I can feel the same NBTO slowly creeping in. My morning has disappeared and I haven’t even eaten yet! Okay…I’ll move after the next episode…

Might as well put my feet up in the meantime. I have to admit, it’s nice to actually have an unintended chillax…this doesn’t happen very often.


Photo Credit: How-Soon Ngu

Please tell me I am not alone with this Netflix addiction?!

N x



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  1. Jen
    July 5, 2016 / 2:04 am

    Haha not at all…. Not quite Netflix but we’ve watched 5 seasons of Games of Thrones in the last 5 weeks….. I have to watch series like that…. It’s too long in between episodes to watch week by week!

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