My Mind Vacation

I’m about to board a massive tin can. I’m returning to the Lion City, Singapore after a short trip away.

To be quite honest with you I need this flight. I need me time. Lots of thoughts are running round in my head, they are having a field day with my emotions and whilst I’ve been on vacation, my mind hasn’t.

Photo credit: Christopher Sardegna


The best and easiest way for me to switch off is when I am flying. Social media and notifications are forced to take a break, my mind is given the opportunity to be occupied in other ways. I can totally disconnect. Being a social media geek and a blogger means that I’m constantly online and my iphone and ipad are never far away. There is silence, it’s back to basics, good old glossy magazines, movies and time to sleep, recharge.  I am lucky that I tend to sleep for most of the journey but this time I need to stay awake as much as I can. I land in Singapore at 4pm so I need to be ready to crash into bed and actually fall asleep, I am in work the next day. Jet lag and I aren’t great friends.

I have waved goodbye to my case and got through security pretty quickly. Why is it when you go through security you always get nervous? Today I had to step into the body scanner machine and then each foot had to be separately placed on a block whilst they took a swab of my trainers then put the cloth into a machine! I swear this was a squeaky moment and I don’t know why as I had no reason to be nervous! All I know is that this was distracting me from the whispers I could hear from the Chanel counter on the other side, beckoning me over, honestly I could hear them.

Wait. Before shopping, I need to refuel. I’m hungry and I am tired. I didn’t sleep last night, I was sat upright in a cold train station. Long story. So where better to eat than Gordon Ramsay. I need a bit of comfort. This restaurant is positioned in a prime spot overlooking the runway and has a relaxed feel. You certainly don’t feel like you are in one of the busiest airports in the world that’s for sure. The service is awesome, the staff are welcoming and polite.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

It’s boarding time. Yey. Now I am ready for home.

My seat is of uber importance to me, I like the aisle seat in the middle. I secretly pray that I won’t have to share these seats so I can claim all four and stretch across them for absolute comfort. But alas this flight is full, god dam. I am fully set up now, iPad and earphones are strategically placed, handbag is tucked away, lip balm is in my pocket. I can sit back and relax. I am guilt free, I am forced to relax. It’s lovely and much needed.

I know I have only just eaten but I am actually a little excited about the plane food! Ooooh what’s for dinner? What’s beneath the foil? I like the surprise. Don’t get me wrong I’m not expecting gourmet meals but there’s something about peeling back the foil to see what you have. I am slightly perplexed at why we are always served a muffin with every meal but it seems to be a staple!

Now thinking about the other side of the world in 14 hours time, I love Changi Airport. Everything works. I’m off the plane, case in hand, in a taxi and home within 20 mins! It’s perfect and ends the journey just nicely. I have my sandals at the ready and am excited that 32 degrees is eagerly awaiting me! Yey we are about to take off.

My mind is officially on vacation. See you on the other side!

N x

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  1. Pete
    July 11, 2016 / 5:09 am

    Wow you are a wordsmith x

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