Jet Lag I Hate You

My eyes literally rolled to the back of my head today.

Home sweet home to Singapore last night. I landed early enough to unpack, box off the laundry, have a 5 star shower and be engulfed by my duvet at 9pm. Good plan, perfection. My lavender oil burner was softly lulling me into a relaxed starfish in the centre of the bed with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in the background. I was in the middle of chatting to my bestie and then just like that, I have no idea what happened. Even my Fitbit reported that I was dead for hours.

Photo Credit: Nomao Saeki

But then there it came, the 2am wake up. My right eye slowly opened, dreading to be confronted with the time and my brain simultaneously realizing that the minute I opened my eyes, jet lag was going to welcome me with open arms and kidnap me. I shut my eyes quickly repeating to myself “Omg no, keep your eyes closed, pretend you haven’t woken up!” Too late. Jet lag was already up, busy and formulating a plan of making a Yorkshire, getting my gym kit ready and deciding what I was going to have for breakfast. The more I tried to sleep the more frustrated I got. My mind also started to work overtime and every single worrry I have in the world, all decided to be mates and come together to wind me up, at the same time. Nice that. Why is it that in the middle of the night things always seem to be magnified by millions?! I gave up at 6am and succumbed to jet lag horror. I even think my neighbours were shocked to see a light on in my apartment pre 7:30am!

It’s ok I got this, I can last the day at work.

It went like this:

8:00am: The heavens opened, tiredness started to creep in as did the moodiness thanks to sliding around in my flip flops in monsoon weather. Meh. The journey to work literally took forever although I did manage to catch up on Eastenders.

Photo Credit: Eutah Mizushima

9:20am: Arrived at work, skinny vanilla extra shot latte required. It worked a bit.

Did some work.

11:45am: Grabbed gym kit and headed off to a 45 minute spin class. That was bound to wake me up.

1:00pm: Sufficiently woken up. Cold shower and lunch.

Did some more work.

3:00pm: Hit. A. Wall.

3:10pm: Immediate caffeine fix #2 coupled with an Arnica tablet thanks to one of my friends (did you know Arnica is supposed to be a cure for jet lag?! It’s a homoeopathic remedy). It was nice to have my eyes at the front of my head again and not to see 5 of my colleague sat next to me. Woah man jet lag really does mess with your head!

Photo Credit: Chiara Pinna

Did some more work. Albeit this is rather hazy.

6:45pm: Home. Oven heating. Dinner tonight: Roast vegetables topped with Feta and Balsamic Vinegar. I’ll just lie on the sofa and catch up with Season 2 of Gotham.

7:45pm: Timer screaming impatiently, food burnt. I fell asleep. Noooooo this was not happening! Dinner tonight: Spring Onion and Mushroom Omelette.

It’s now 23:10pm and thanks to my earlier snooze I am now wide awake. Hmpfff.

Anyone else hate jet lag as much as me?

N x


  1. July 23, 2016 / 4:25 pm

    Mmmmm coffee! Have enjoyed reading you blog lady! Looking forward to the new posts! Let’s do this together xxx

    • July 23, 2016 / 4:31 pm

      Thanks so much and likewise! It’s nice to know someone else is experiencing the same 🙂 kinda feels a bit better now xxxxxxx

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