What a beautiful morning.

I opened my eyes to a blazing sunlit room, I couldn’t wait to get out of bed. The decision was made. After a heavy week, I was cancelling all plans for today and taking time out. Just for me.

I am sad to admit that even my three things to be grateful for has suffered of late, but they have made a reappearance today. I am happy to share them with you:

  1. I am safe and secure. I am free from any danger.
  2. I have had amazing support this week and spent time with two incredible positive influencers in my life.
  3. Chai is happy and is as usual, begging for food.


Chai: my pal (albeit looking a tad grumpy)

I just can’t believe how gorgeous it is outside. Of course, the weather is pretty much like this most days in Singapore but somehow today I am appreciating it more than ever. I think it’s because I am now coming out of the mini funk I have been in this week and all is right in the world again.

My day began with a Yorkshire tea and a catch up of Masterchef Australia. This is TV addiction at its best. I am not sure if it’s because I adore George Calombaris and Marco Pierre White or if it’s because I am a foodie. I am only on episode eight but I already have a few favourites to win!

My tummy has been graciously satisfied after taking a trip to my local eatery, Oh Deli. It is run by four sisters who pride themselves on sourcing and importing fresh produce from Australia. It is extremely popular and I see many repeat customers as I devour my Captains Breakfast washed down with a cinnamon latte.


Oh Deli: 421 East Coast Road, Singapore 429008

The rest of the day was spent lying by the pool and reading a book (no phone or iPad allowed), exercising (one hour run and a two hour walk, no phone allowed) and trying to Skype my nanna..again! She is never at home, I think she has a better social life than the Queen! She is a classy diva and I love her (my nanna that is!).

I am now getting ready for an evening of free flow bubbles with friends…ahh bliss. What a great end to a lovely day.

Taking a me-day has allowed me to completely switch off, not worry and not over-think. I feel refreshed, calm and quite simply, I have enjoyed the entire day with absolute gratitude. I decided that today was just one day where everything could wait (the worries, the thoughts, the to-do list, the laundry, wow the the list is endless!) all of it could wait, just until tomorrow. This helped me relax and relinquish, I kinda felt free and serene. How lovely.

Of course other benefits of taking this time for yourself include the ability to sleep better and reduce both depression and anxiety.

How often do you have a me-day? I recommend it. I feel awesome.

Photo Cred: Jessica Polar

N x



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