Why You Should Have A Date Night…With Yourself!

Friday evening. Ahhhh I made it. The weekend has officially begun!

It’s been one hell of a week. A lot is happening and my mind is bursting at the seams with thoughts and worries but also…excitement! I’m proud I’ve made it through to Friday. My arms have been reached out since Monday, desperate for my finger tips to touch Friday 6pm!

On a Friday my mindset changes. I start daydreaming about my long lie-ins (hopefully without massive thunderstorms at 5am sounding like 20 shot guns going off beside my head, all at once!). This week car alarms have been screeching, dogs barking and babies crying thanks to the thunder! I am embarrassed to admit that I also contributed to the additional noise as I was jolted out of my deep sleep! If I didn’t suffer with cardiac issues before, I probably do now!

I’ve also been working from a different location, I have palpitations if I am far away from Marina Bay Sands, I was scowling about it and still am :). But I couldn’t help it, the curious, adventurous side of me wanted to know what was surrounding the new area. I enjoy experiencing new things, discovering new places to eat and drink.  I normally eat salad or soup at lunch time and today I decided to treat myself. I found an awesome local stall boasting a small, select menu and the best of it is… it cost $3.50 for dumpling soup, noodles, vegetables and wantons! I can’t even get a coffee for that price!

Tanglin Halt Food Centre

I felt content, full up and wanted more. Treating yourself on a Friday is the way forward.

When life gets busy or gets tough, it’s important to give yourself some love, be kind to yourself. One of my close friends this week highlighted this to me and she listed five reasons why I should be proud of who I am. The one which stood out to me the most was ‘You want to be happy and take opportunities. You are not a miserable person that celebrates others misfortune and you embrace life.’

I still get glassy-eyed when I read that but it made me feel fantastic. It reminded me that even though much happens in life, it is still full of opportunities. That includes, opportunities to be gentle towards ourselves in our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

So I decided that tonight was Date Night, with myself! How gorgeous!

It began with a 90 minute massage, finished with a hot, sweet ginger tea. I feel amazing now. Following a car accident when I was a teenager, I suffer with painful shoulders and can yell at the slightest touch. It’s a relief that the pain has subsided for a while and I generally feel light, relaxed, happy and a little sleepy.

The next treat…a takeaway! Deliveroo to the rescue. Candles, palak paneer and chicken tikka. Perfect. And you know the best bit…no washing up!


The evening has been just what I needed. Self reassurance and kindness packaged up in a few hours. There are some people who feel uncomfortable having Date Night alone, it should be embraced, it doesn’t mean you are lonely or sad. It is a small celebration of being content in your own company and if the husband, children or friends are busy, it gives you a chance to watch that favourite TV show or have that takeaway without having to clear up afterwards or feel guilty!

For me, it was being still and allowing myself to think clearly, having the ability to understand and make sense of things whilst lounging on the sofa, enjoying one of my favourite meals.

What a swell Date Night!

N x


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  1. Anonymous
    July 22, 2016 / 11:41 pm

    Hhhmmm were the wise words from a certain MD friend of ours??? xx

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