Eggy Bread

I am 17 years old.

I am in my Nanna’s kitchen after a long, GCSE nightmare of a day in school. I know I have a night of revision ahead of me and I’m tired.


Ahhh…the good old school days!

Nanna senses my turmoil (Nanna’s are good like that). A slow ‘I know how to fix this’ smile appears and she starts whipping up the emergency meal. The one that fixes everything. The one which has an instantly recognizable dreamy smell that lures me out of bed and has me leaping down the stairs at breakfast time. The one that provides comfort, reassurance and hugs in abundance all on one plate…it’s Eggy Bread.

Except…I’m not 17 anymore and I am not in my Nanna’s kitchen. I’m grown up and I am in Singapore. I have woken after an awesome sleep and the sun is doing it’s usual impressive job of flooding my bedroom with brilliance. It’s a public holiday here today (Happy 51st Birthday Singapore!) so a lazy morning is most welcome. It is a super busy time for me right now as I shared in My Singapore Bucket List; I am preparing to move to the next chapter of my life.


This will always be my second home…SG51

My mind starts gathering thoughts to the day ahead, remembering the to-do list. It is a strange feeling because I so am excited for what’s coming next to begin, but I wish I could click my fingers and a magic fairy appear to sort everything out for me. I would like her (I have decided to name her Isobel – no idea why I have even just given her a name!) to read and sign all my papers, arrange for my furniture to be sold, do all my packing and manage my relocation to London. I have many more things to add to her fix-it list but alas…she doesn’t exist. I need to get up and get cracking, but I need immediate comfort to get me started, I need my emergency meal.

The minute I think of Eggy Bread, a smile appears. It’s the memories attached to this which fills me with wild reassurance, love and security. How can bread dipped in egg and fried in a pan do that?! Seriously?! Is it just me that this happens to?

So happy Tuesday all! I’m raring to go and am now happily satisfied. Bring on the National Day celebrations!

N x

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