What To Do In-between Jobs?

This is me.

I am in-between jobs. Since leaving my previous company after 18 years, moving countries and settling into a new apartment, I start my new job in two weeks. How exciting?! The relocation and furnishing of a new home has kept my mind occupied including the admin that comes with this, but now it’s finally time for a break. Two weeks real break isn’t all that long before I start my new job where I will be going in all guns blazing, so it’s important I enjoy some time out before it all begins again.


Photo Cred: Anna Dziubinska

I need time to gather my thoughts, to settle in and to be well, just…still. All of a sudden the craziness has stopped and things are slowing down but I am struggling to actually relax. I miss feeling at peace and as tranquil as I did in Singapore. I’m not sure whether it was the chilled flip-flop vibe, that safe atmosphere or the constant sunshine which injected happiness but it was alluring. Ahhh memories. Right now for me it’s important that I accept and allow all the cards in the deck that have been thrown up in the air to land in their own time.

So…two weeks of chill time left hey. I now have more space to think and it’s imperative that I don’t waste this time. I don’t like wasting my life as it is, you only get one life so we should be enjoying every second of it right? I have spent this morning feeling extremely proud of my acccomplishments, I do this frequently to remind myself that throughout some huge changes in my life, I have achieved some amazing things. Oh yes, my attitude of gratitude is back! I lost it for a short while when everything felt in disarray which did affect my mood but it’s time to re-focus.

A photo by Aaron Burden. unsplash.com/photos/xG8IQMqMITM

Photo Cred: Aaron Burden

How am I going to use my time wisely? Here’s the plan…

SPENDING TIME WITH MY LOVED ONES and accepting the support they have already given and continue to give me. I have always been an independent little soul and sometimes struggle when receiving help but especially whilst I am going through such change, I have to allow myself to lean on them.

MAKING YET ANOTHER LIST of everything which has been nagging at me, all those odd jobs, the admin, the things I put off. I’m crossing everything off that list whilst I don’t have any added pressure.

CULTIVATING MY PERSONAL BRAND and updating my social media pages. I spend a lot of time networking so now is the perfect time to think how I want to show the best version of me, how do I want my profiles to appear and especially LinkedIn for when I am ready to rock the new job.

ACKNOWLEDGING, ACCEPTING AND ALLOWING the tough times, when I miss Singapore and feel a little sad. But that’s ok, if I didn’t feel this way then the last five years there would have been a waste of time and it has probably been the best five years of my life! That’s quite amazeballs.

EXERCISING MY ASS OFF through the local park. My running mojo is returning, although now it includes a jumper!

FINALLY I WOULD LOVE A MINI VACATION to take some time out completely from the last few months. A fresh environment away from where I have moved from and to in order to refresh my mind, inject some energy and enjoy a monumental recharge! Not sure if this one will happen but even a day/evening away would be amazing.


Photo Cred: David Lezcano

If you have any other suggestions on how to spend this transition time please do let me know your ideas, I would love to try them!

N x

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