Falling A Little Bit In Love With Greenwich, London

I have had my exploring pants on.

London and I are becoming better acquainted. Madness has been blasting in my ears as I have been enduring some steptastic cobweb-clearing walks . The funny thing is, although I am naturally an inquisitive madam, I have just wanted to walk freely without the deep desire to learn what everything means and its origins. That’s for another time, this has been to wander aimlessly and feel dam good.

It worked.




Greenwich is in the South East of London, most famous for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which is on which all world times are based. The Royal Observatory proudly sits on a hill in Greenwich Park. It’s a pretty steep walk up to the top but it’s worth it, the views are spectacular and gave me an idea of just how huge the park is! It houses a bandstand, a boating lake, a children’s park, a Maritime Museum and much more. It’s most definitely a fantastic chilled place for an afternoon out and taking a picnic would seal an awesome day.





It’s beautiful and quaint. It reminds me of a seaside village. It is fairly touristy in parts but that adds to its charm packed with history and vintage aura. Local shops, cosy pubs and stores selling homemade produce lures people on a sunny but wintery day. It feels snug and comfortable.


Talking of snug I found a cafe in a quiet side street to the left of the park…Heap’s Sausages. The menu is one mouth-watering temptation full of gourmet sausages, dry cured bacon and which is pleasing to see, plenty of vegetarian options. A homey sharing-tables concept adds to its appeal so that coupled with a good brew (I am so British), a bacon and egg sarnie and HP sauce = foodgasm.





Heap’s Sausages: 8 Nevada Street, London

After refueling, time to see what the Greenwich Foot Tunnel is all about. This is a walkway underneath the River Thames which connects Greenwich South, to North. Apparently this was built to assist workmen getting to work as crossing the river by the ferry service was then, unreliable. The walk is less than half a kilometre and took about seven minutes. That’s how long is actually takes to walk across the Thames!


Greenwich Foot Tunnel, South side


The final leg of nosiness was at The Royal Naval College, it’s free admission to roam around it’s majestic buildings and impressive landscape. This was originally built as a hospital for seamen and then became the base for training the Royal Navy. It’s now used for many other activities such as filming and the Chapel holds a weekly service.




This is just one small snapshot of London, I have so much more to discover.

Stay tuned!

N x

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