Sunday, I love you

I’m not quite sure which is my favourite day of the week. On a Thursday I think it’s Friday because I know the weekend is approaching, on a Friday I think it’s Saturday because I cannot wait to have a lie in and know I have two whole days of chilling and then Sunday arrives. So today, my favourite day is Sunday.



It’s the last day of relaxation before the busy week starts all over again. It’s my date day with Netflix (I am addicted to Once Upon A Time) and ensuring everything is ready for the week ahead. I love that feeling of accomplishment on a Sunday evening when all the laundry is out of the way, my blog posts are scheduled for the next week and I have everything laid out for Monday.

Whereas Monday to Saturday I catch up on the news, Sundays are reserved for catching up on my favourite blogs, curling up, napping and scouring Flipboard for interesting articles I can feed my brain with. I like to schedule my posts for the coming weeks and well, generally being organised.


Photo Cred: Juliette Leufke


There is something about Sundays where I cheat on tea and want to drink coffee. Tea just doesn’t cut it. I love the smell of roasted coffee beans, the sound of the coffee machine blasting out steam and being presented with a cup laden full of caffeine goodness.

Sundays for some are a bit of a downer. They know Monday is approaching and it’s back to work. Some even have Sunday night blues and can’t sleep. I think if you spend time prepping for the week ahead when you wake then it helps release some of those blues and let’s you chill your beans for the rest of the day.


Photo Cred: Alice Hampson

It’s raining outside today so I am super cosy at home and feeling productive. After all, I am speaking to you guys planning on drinking copious amounts of coffee and enjoying an awesome day. Sunday, I love you.


Photo Cred: Annie Spratt


How do you spend your Sundays, is it one of your favourite days too?

N x

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