A Weekend Up North

November has been another busy month.

Not only am I a November baby, but in the last two months of being in the UK, I have been reminded just how many of my nearest and dearest also share the Scorpio sign. It’s been birthday celebrations galore! This is the reason for heading home this weekend. It’s one of my besties birthdays, and it’s a special one…he is 40!

London to Liverpool. A 90 minute train ride and I am back up north. I was consumed by memories. Approximately seven years ago I took the same journey on a weekly basis, unless I was working abroad which was often the case. Ah memories…that was one awesome time in my career, one that propelled me on to much greater things. Don’t you just love it when you catch yourself smiling when reminiscing? And there I was this weekend, on the same journey, as a proper adult. This time, having actually lived abroad and now cruising from my new home to my old home. I relish travel time as it means I can have some real me time. There are no jobs, no errands, it’s recalibration time. The weeks seem to fly by right now, still moments are quite rare, so this journey was welcomed with open arms. I don’t think however, that I was prepared for the reflective thoughts of how much my life has changed, where I used to be and where I am now. I have to be tad cheeky and say, I am dam proud of myself!


It is a shame this weekend was only a flying visit. I was literally travelling up to be part of the celebrations but I have secretly been looking forward to catching up with another one of my besties who I haven’t seen for years. We are a group of ex-colleagues who became great friends and it’s an awesome feeling that many years later, we still speak every day. This is one of the benefits of being in the UK again, we now have no excuse not to see each other. It is no longer a 16 hour plane ride to have a catch up!

It was strange going back. Kinda de-ja-vu but not. Whilst driving through Liverpool I was hit with the flashback stick…nights out, the roads I used to drive through on my way to work, places where I used to grab my lunch. It was familiar but it wasn’t? What was comfortable though was the minute I saw my friends…all was right in the world again.


The best bits about being home:

Catching up with friends felt like I had never been away…


I had an awesome fry up for brekkie…thanks chef! I felt a little bit special…


And probably the best bit…I experienced that ‘grounded’ feeling when I saw things/areas which were a big part of my life. There was a lot I didn’t remember!

What a beautiful weekend, how did you spend yours?

N x


  1. Sian Edwards
    November 28, 2016 / 9:17 am

    Ah sometimes you can’t beat heading back to the pool for a weekend – roll on xmas xx

    • November 28, 2016 / 9:24 am

      I am on countdown for Christmas I have to say! My tree goes up this week! Xx

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