The Christmas Countdown Begins

Omg it’s actually only 15 days until Christmas.

This is my favourite time of year. I mean, who doesn’t love blasting out Shakin’ Stevens in the morning, watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and guzzling mulled wine? Ah now I’ve done it. I mentioned New York. I’m now consumed with memories and excitement of looking up at the Rockefeller tree pre ice skating, being utterly convinced I was Jayne Torvill. Ok refocus Nicola.

Photo Cred: Alisa Anton


There’s something about Christmas which makes me feel content, safe and cosy. I don’t know if the cinammon-orangey scent is responsible or if it’s the heart warming mulled wine and eggnog but it’s definitely a soothing, serene feeling which submerges me. It’s also my time for reflection. My memories take me on a journey through the year, reminding me of my achievements, of the amazing people I have met and now call friends. This is followed by a preview of the year to come. I am a goal setter. I have been since I was young, it’s just in my DNA. I’m sure if you have read any of my previous posts you will know I am a firm believer of that you only get one life, it’s no dress rehearsal. I don’t want to spend time being miserable, dissatisfied or unfulfilled. Why would you? Why would anyone? My motto is if it doesn’t make you happy either don’t do it or change it.

Photo Cred: Kate Zaidova


Photo Cred: Toa Heftiba

In the lead up to December my excitement builds as I start rummaging in the storage cupboard to find Christmas decorations. My tradition is that on 1st December, Mary Poppins is cranked up on the tv, I pour a glass of wine and get to work on decorating the tree, obviously believing I am Julie Andrews as I am singing ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’. I literally can’t wait to have my tree up, I don’t know how people can wait until a couple of weeks before the big day to begin decorating. I would feel as if I am being robbed of Christmas spirit. I love the whole shebang, there is no stopping me. The tiniest of details are essential and I will fight for the last panettone. Fists and everything.


Photo Cred: Annie Spratt

Christmas gives me the excuse to watch heaps of movies. I am a massive movie buff anyway so it’s not like I need justification but its almost against the law not to disappear into the festive season. Evenings on the sofa, flashing tree lights, Quality Street tins, cinnamon and orange candles, mulled wine, mince pies and a holiday movie…I reckon this should be made mandatory in conjunction with opening your advent calendar!

There are so many reasons to love Christmas but here are 6 of mine:

  1. People actually send cards! The old style pen, paper and stamps resurface. The modern online world just doesn’t cut it.
  2. Elf (need I say more).
  3. For one whole month, biscuits come in really big tins!
  4. Baileys. After all it is just flavoured milk, isn’t it?
  5. Christmas sweaters become the norm.
  6. Advent calendars. I can eat chocolate every day for 25 whole days?!

What do you love about Christmas?  Feel free to add to the list!

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