My Greenwich Market Obsession

God I love a good market.

What that means is I actually love buying things which are totally unique, have an opportunity to support the local community and spoil my loved ones, especially at Christmas.

Greenwich Market has been around since the 1800’s. It has moved from its original location at the Royal Hospital, (now the Royal Navy College) to Greenwich village. It’s a covered market so protected from the elements (thank god as it is freezing in London right now), in a courtyard with cobbled stones and surrounded by eclectic stores and alehouses. They have everything from beauty products, candles, clothing, antiques, art, crafts and food stalls catering for practically every cuisine. It has a really nice feel to it, I enjoy going there.



Meandering around listening to Shakin’ Stevens’ Merry Christmas Everyone through my earphones (the best festive song ever!), I was in one fine Christmas spirit. I found myself smiling the entire time, not only did I probably look like a complete weirdo but I clearly looked like a target for spending money. I actually thought that earphones meant ‘don’t bother me I am not listening’ but it would seem that is an incorrect assumption.

The mood in the market was jovial, Christmas music is a requirement in December in my opinion and it was like everyone has been taken over by Santa aliens as they were dancing (oh yes you heard that correctly, actually dancing, bum wiggles galore) and happily paying whilst singing along to the tunes…including me.




It’s easy to love a good market, especially when the products are so diverse.

The best things about a Market:

  • It’s both a social interaction and a personal experience – you learn about the business, the products, the people. There is always a story and I find it fascinating.
  • It’s a great vibe – everyone is chatting and the food stalls make it a great area to take a break.
  • You can find things which aren’t on the average high street, items which suit your personality and make special gifts.
  • You can get a range of awesome home cooked food – today I saw a collection of reasonably priced Ethopian, Italian, Indian, Thai and British food (one was a carvery with massive slabs of meat!).
  • At this time of year it’s the best place to get mulled wine…my fave.



And then if my purse isn’t crying enough, just a few doors down from Greenwich Market is the Vintage Market, this is my idea of heaven. Imagine the stories behind a lot of these items, I really need to go back and spend more time to have a good look around. Like I need an excuse?!

What I noticed at both markets is that this is not just an opportunity to sell, it’s also a community. It is full of energetic and passionate individuals discussing their products and chatting away to people. Imagine how many new and interesting people they meet every day, how awesome!

Well I have spent up and my final present scout is now complete, everything is wrapped and sitting proudly under the tree. I haven’t been to a market in years and I realised today I kinda missed it. If you are like me and haven’t been to one for a while, at least go and grab your mulled wine whilst you can!

N x

Thankyou heaps for reading my blog, please feel free to leave a comment or to share with your friends. Merry Christmas. My thoughts are with the families and friends of those affected by the Berlin Christmas Market Tragedy x



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