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Wrapping paper scattered all over the floor, bits of Sellotape stuck to my socks and unused bows and ribbons (from the second panic buy after losing the first batch which then decide to reappear in the weirdest of places after I’ve wrapped all the presents). How annoying.

The lead up to Christmas weekend was always going to be hectic. The working week still goes ahead in the middle of the whirlwind and mine was no different.


Virgin Active: 5 Old Broad Street, Bank EC2N 1DW


One of my New Year Resolutions is to boost my fitness levels again as since I have returned to the UK I have lost my mojo. Moving countries, home and starting a new job has not left me with much time nor the inclination to focus on exercising. My bad. But rather than wait until January and do the whole ‘I will get fit again’ resolution, I have taken control and got my bad ass into Virgin Active again pre Christmas. I miss my spinning classes badly and just that me-time which helps boost my mood. I hit the treadmill, reacquainted myself with the stepper and felt awesome. I am a total nightmare at getting up early, like you have no idea. Many of my friends will attest to my non-attendance at early morning spin classes so the fact I got up at 5:15am (without using the snooze button once don’t you know) and whipped up a pre-fueling obligatory bacon and mushroom omelette is a bit of a newsflash! My Singapore pal and ex spinning instructor will be proud. I think there might be something in this ‘in the middle of the night’ get-up business! I know for a fact he will be reading this thinking ‘I told you so!’


My welcome gift!

At Christmas you can get away with pure cheese and listening to festive songs from a live band in your local shopping mall make the ‘grab the last bits’ flurry more of a relaxed experience, especially when they have an Il Divo look about them!


Breakfast meetings at The Royal Exchange helped restore some normality to the week, it makes me feel a little glam there. Eating or drinking in an indoor courtyard surrounded by shops such as Tiffany (and we all know how passionate I am about this store) is the closest so far I have gotten to having Breakfast at Tiffany’s. One of my pals and ex colleagues from Singapore dropped by and what an awesome catch up. More and more of my Singapore pals are returning for Christmas or have returned to London for good, excited muchos. Although they aren’t liking this baltic weather. Roll on summer please.

You can’t escape December without having your obligatory office party. I have been in my new job for a little over two months, I have met some awesome people who I now call friends, I am putting my skills to the test and settling in to a whole new world. The Christmas awards resulted in me winning Best Dressed of the Year…I am more than happy with this, I even have my own little Oscar trophy! It now gives me even more of an excuse to go shopping for new beautiful fabrics to drape over me through the working week. Who am I kidding, as if I need an excuse!



From the new job back to the old job for a moment, I could never forget the last 18 years I have spent in my previous company. I had a blast, travelled the world, was presented with some amazing opportunities which I seriously maxed and met some awesome people. Some of who are now back in London and seeing them kinda made me emosh. Ok I had a few vinos prior to seeing them but when I did, I felt a little more complete. God I missed you guys, more catch ups please.


My new home is gorgeous. I never imagined growing up as a country bumpkin that I would become a city girl, but I am. Maybe my New York experiences have become more ingrained in me than I thought but now when I see Canary Wharf I think ‘Aaaah I am nearly home.’ I seek convenience. I like having cute coffee shops and boutique stores close by, yet I like being sufficiently remote with a park in the vicinity where I can forget about the daily tasks and run my heart out. I always thought London was full of high rises and sirens but I have found an area which is just 25 minutes to work, I have both the city and greenery within reach. How very awesome.


Canary Wharf, from Greenwich

Cutty Sark, Greenwich

My final bit of naughtiness this working week was a hangover fry-up. Nothing fixes a sore head than a proper British breakfast at Heap’s Sausages, Greenwich. Sorry Singapore, this is one thing the Brits do better!


Heap’s Sausages: 334 Creek Road, Greenwich SE10 9SW

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends! Bring on the New Year shenanigans!

Thankyou heaps for reading my blog, I really appreciate it. Please feel free to leave a comment or to share with your friends.

N x



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