Goodbye 2016, thankyou!

Wow. What a year.

This has been my biggest year yet. I have achieved so much personally, professionally and finally I am pleased to admit that yes, I am brave.

Glasses on, coffee close by and some serious concentration as I sit excitedly typing for over an hour. I am reminiscing, so many memories are flowing that my fingers won’t type quickly enough. I am thinking of the year’s events, things I have experienced and achieved. The awesome people I have met, my successes and when I glance at what I have typed, my post is the length of the magna carta! I fear I would lose you at least half way through. I will save this for my ‘booster’ when the chips are down. I read that somewhere. That writing down all of your achievements and experiences will help give you that push and self belief when things get tough. So there it is, it’s in my back pocket should I need it.

So in order to save your eyes, what I will tell you is that it has been an amazing year for me. Yes one of immense change but one of sincere, immeasurable growth. I have worked really hard on myself. I have learnt how to appreciate the small things, enjoy the present moment and the people who add so much value to my life. People who have encouraged me to grow, believe in my dreams and love my life. Mindfulness has also been an important factor in this journey. It’s important to take real time out, for relaxation and to just let go.

I am so excited for 2017 to arrive, it’s going to be even better than 2016 I just know it! I have my goals and things I want to achieve, I will share them with you soon. But for now, here are some of my 2016 highlights:

  1. Surprising my Nanna for her 90th birthday.

2. Dressing up as a scouser for brunch.

And even making the Singaporean taxi driver join in…

3. Going on vacation to the most perfect private island, Pangkil.

4. Taking part in my last (for now!) Singapore 51st birthday.

5. Being blessed with my Singapore nickname ‘Nicci Nice Shoes’.

6. A private dining experience at Waku Ghin, Singapore.

7. Leaving an 18 year career and enjoying my ‘leaving party week’ in Singapore.

8. Moving to London & having a Victoria Beckham make-over.

9. Returning to my beloved New York.

New York World Trade Big Apple

10. I turned 40!!!

11. A new job, new industry & some awesome colleagues.

12. My dear friend and mentor.

This lady (and of course amongst others) has been instrumental in my growth throughout 2016. Let me introduce you to Andrea, she is an inspiration trust me!

Starting from a Personal Branding Course in November 2015, I was transfixed. That very day changed my life in so many ways. I knew instantly the direction I wanted to go in, I knew what I wanted to achieve and she believed in me. Through Andrea and her awesome husband (from whom the nickname Nicci Nice Shoes was given), I have met some wonderful like-minded people and each one has invested time in my dreams and provided immense encouragement. My blog which is the final #13 on my highlights list, is my passion, it’s part of my dream. I launched this eight months ago with my first post and I have never looked back, my dedication keeps growing. I have had overwhelming support and as I finish my final post of 2016 I thank each and every one of you for investing your time in reading and following my blog.

I hope 2016 has been kind to you and that 2017 is even better, Happy New Year!

N x


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