Help…I’m In A Fitbit Frenzy!

My name is Nicci and I’m a Fitbit addict.

I feel I should come clean and admit that up front in the hope you take pity on me and help me with my dilemma. You see, I am quite frankly, obsessed with my Fitbit. I have had pretty much all models over the years, the latest being the Alta. I have had this for about a year now, previous to that was the Charge HR but not only did I find it too bulky for my tiny wrists, my skin was also irritated by the sensor underneath which is designed to measure your heart rate. I was super active at the time, spinning pretty much daily and running in the evenings. I was constantly checking steps and heart rate stats, it kept me focused and in competition, with myself! I then bought the latest Fitbit which at the time was the Alta which is a lovely slimline design and had pretty much all of the features the Charge had, minus the heart rate.

Now the new Charge 2 has been released and I can’t stop looking at it. It is pretty much the same size as the original model but I like the display and the added features. Here are the two models I am trying to make a decision on:

Left to right: Fitbit Charge 2 vs Fitbit Alta

The additional features the Charge 2 has versus the Alta are:

  • The PurePulse Heart Rate function
  • Multi-Sport tracking and connected GPS
  • Cardio Fitness Level (it tells you your fitness level…I love this)
  • Guided breathing sessions

I also have to confess that I am a marketers dream. I have a tendency of asking for an opinion on the latest model but before I hear their reply I have made my decision and I am on route to the store. The only downside for me is that the Charge 2 is STILL bulky! Since I have been reacquainted with the gym and the fitness regime is all in order, the stats addiction has reared it’s beautiful head.

Photo Cred: Crew

I am trying to be sensible, I go through these fads, I am well aware of it. I remember my mini love affair with the Apple watch. I was slightly sidetracked by that until I tried to use one in the store and it seemed not only far too complicated but I felt like I was cheating on my watch, the watch I really love. There is no replacing that. But anyway I have gotten over the Apple obsession now, so back to the Fitbit.

What I really need is for Fitbit to combine all of the Charge 2 features into the Alta. I don’t even mind if it is slightly wider but at least please Fitbit, can you design a jampacked slimline design for us fashionistas with teensy wrists?!


Photo Cred: Veri Ivanova

Maybe I should go and buy a traditional stopwatch and be done with it.

Does anyone have either one of these Fitbits and can offer me any advice? Should I stick with the Alta or should I buy the new Charge 2?

I know I know, first world problems and all but I would really appreciate your help!

N x


  1. Patrick
    January 5, 2017 / 2:23 am

    I’m an Apple fanatic and had the Apple Watch for about a year. I was a Fitbit fanboy for fitness prior to the Apple Watch. When the Charge 2 came out I sold my Apple Watch and have enjoyed the Charge 2 very much sense then. It’s fantastic.

    • January 5, 2017 / 5:32 am

      Oh wow! You even sold your Apple Watch! Sounds like the Charge 2 is a winner here! Thanks Patrick.

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