How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

According to the English Oxford Dictionary the definition of gratitude is ‘The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.’

Being grateful can completely transform your life, it can change a really shit day into an awesome day. It can shift your focus from what is missing in your life to what is already present. The result of this is happiness and having inner peace. I reckon that’s something we all want in our lives right?!


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My daily routine includes thinking of three things which I am grateful for. I’ve got to be honest, they range from the wackiest to the simplest of things. I thought about what I am thankful for this week and noticed a theme. I seem to like mornings. A bit of a revelation for someone who literally drags herself out of bed to get to the gym before work but none the less I seem to like the start of my day. I’m an organised person, enjoy a routine and if all runs smoothly so I can leave the apartment on time then all is good in the world. I realised I have a grave determination that each day should be a day to remember. A recent family death smacked me in the face with that vigorous reminder to love every second of my life and I now mean business.

I must admit I thought I was more grateful of my mornings at weekends. You know, not having to get up early for work, not having to lay out my clothes (organisation at its best) or make my lunch (weight watcher craze) and literally having two whole days off to do whatever I wanted. But on reflection it seemed apparent that I was also immensely grateful for the weekday mornings. Let me explain…


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Monday to Friday for me means early alarm clocks (I am one of those who needs multiple snoozes as I am actually full of intentions of getting up earlier and enjoying being at home before heading off to work), making that first cuppa of the day (I literally do not do anything until that is in my hand) and then beautifying myself to head out the door. This hasty sunrise routine means that when I step foot in the office I have lost a couple of hours without even realising. So this week I put a stop to it and called out the things which I am grateful for:

  • My bed – the moment the alarm goes off I instantly fall in love with it! It’s a velcro moment when I feel I can’t move, I am stuck and therefore need at least 5 more minutes to snooze!
  • My masala tea – it’s my 7am hug in a mug. It slowly drip feeds me caffeine whilst I get ready. I enjoy it and think that if I couldn’t have this because of a power cut or god forbid I ran out of teabags then we have an issue. So gratitude #2 – tick.
  • My TV – I know we are discouraged from social media and electrical devices first thing in the morning and I do that to a certain extent but it’s been a godsend this week as the news warned me of train delays which impacted my commute.


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Ok this is going to sound weird but I just LOVE setting my alarm to wake me super early at weekends. I know I know, what happened to the lie in?! Hear me out, this is why I’m grateful for this early start:

  • I enjoy making my masala tea and doing a big fat HA because I don’t have to do the work day morning routine. That alone is something to be grateful for!
  • I don’t have to get dressed nor do I have to go anywhere. I can relax on the sofa in my PJs for as long as I like. I can catch up on my favourite blogs, schedule my own blogs and actually enjoy my sofa as the sun comes up instead of not even noticing I have a sofa on a weekday morning!
  • For some reason waking up early helps me feel more energised, more optimistic about the day ahead as I’m not wasting the morning away sleeping. I know that if I am attacked by the zzzz’s in the afternoon then a nanna nap it is!

Each and every one of us has something to be grateful for, it can be for having a person in your life, for a material possession you feel lucky to own, to have a job, to have a home, the list really is endless but acknowledging the appreciation for these really can help change your life. Your outlook is different, you feel happier thinking of what you currently have rather than what you don’t have.


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Being grateful even boosts self-worth. When you reflect on what others may have done for you, what your achievements are, what you have overcome, how does it make you feel? It makes you feel good right? This is because it has boosted your confidence, it creates inner joy. What a feeling…don’t you want to feel like this every day?

You can. By thinking of three things to be grateful for every day. Try it, it will change your life.

N x

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