Brunching in Covent Garden, London

My fave meal of the day, it’s breakfast and lunch combined into one. This means it’s perfectly acceptable to eat twice as much plus if you think about it, it’s economically smart as you actually save money by combining two meals, right? Add to this the Bloody Mary’s and tall glasses of fizz then brunch got me like, we are on to a winner. So what to do on a gloomy cold Saturday in London…why not have brunch with the girls.

I find that all life’s problems are sorted out over brunch, it’s catch-up time. Is Sandra at work still annoying you, how is your diet going, how on earth do you go to the gym before work and has anyone tried Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream yet? These round the table gems are real caring and sharing items of discussion amongst friends. The caring even continued as the fizz circled the table. There were no Dry January taunts, just words of encouragement (love you ladies). The whole time I am thinking ‘Just sit on your hands Nic’ as it was all to easy to snatch a glass and potentially inhale it. Just two more days remaining, I can do this! Thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to sponsor me so far, little ole me has managed to raise £329.02 (to be precise). I really do appreciate your support and it is for an awesome cause. It hasn’t been easy I won’t lie but using brunch as an example, it is usually either a cure for a hangover or is the lead up to one so I have to admit, it was nice to be in neither position so it isn’t all bad.

This weekend, Balthazar, Covent Garden was our chosen venue.

The popular cobbled-stoned hip atmosphere in Covent Garden seeps into the restaurant. It’s bustling yet sprightly with well-timed service throughout. They also don’t scrimp on the portions, a generous serving at an affordable price is a big tick for me. Even our little lady was impressed as she placed her order…she is learning early.



Full English Breakfast £15.50


Sides: Sprouts and Chestnuts £5.00


Scrambled Eggs and Cornish Crab with Balthazar sourdough and creme fraiche £11.50


Sides: Onion Rings £5.00


Avocado on toast with poached eggs served on Balthazar sourdough toast with a tomato salsa £12.50


  • It’s unobjectionable to start drinking fizz at 11am.
  • You forget what time it is, no-one rushes brunch.
  • Brunch is like therapy for a fraction of the price!
  • It makes you feel glamorous.
  • Savoury and sweet are supposed to be together.
  • And the best one…no washing up!

So no excuses, schedule your next brunch date, I am scouring places as we speak. All suggestions welcome!

N x

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