What’s In My Bag?!

This is my very first ‘What’s In My Bag?’ post.

It’s not something I ever thought about doing, I mean why on earth would anyone be remotely interested in the contents of my handbag?! It would seem quite a few people would as I have received so many requests on this. Surprised much. Since I have started preparing this post I have noticed my favourite bloggers have been sharing the contents of their handbags for years and I have only just realised how curious I really am! How can it suddenly be a self revelation that I have been addicted to these? Is it pure nosiness or can I put it down to my market research on popular products in the market? Either way I am guilty as charged and now I understand the potential reasons behind the requests so here we are.

I admit I thought about telling a few white lies and removing any potentially disgusting items but on closer examination of the contents, my OCD (I prefer to think of this as perfectionism) has spread into my bag as well. It’s also made me realise just why it is always so god dam heavy! I look at others with their tiny cross over bags and think what the hell do you have in there, surely there is only room for a credit card and lipgloss! I came across an article which stated the average woman’s handbag weighs the equivalent of five bags of sugar…I think it’s hilarious but it also explains the mini bicep on my left arm.

I change my bag pretty much on a daily basis (I am a bag whore, shoes also but that’s a whole new post) so I haven’t selected any one in particular, however one of my staples is my cornflower blue Prada Saffiano.

So what exactly do I carry around every day?


I’m a big fan of Mulberry purses, the leather is super soft and they give me heaps of space for the millions of cards that practically every store now offers you. I do try to minimise the contents but it never seems to feel any slimmer.


I carry my business cards everywhere. I fear that my card holder collection is growing out of control. It’s soon going to be in competition with the handbags, shoes and lately…coats! But this week I am using Victoria Beckham. I got it last year, I love the feel of the natural python and it’s super light.


I am a digital, social media addict but I love a good old traditional planner. My Louis Vuitton pocket agenda helps keep me on track and seeing as I have a memory worse than Dory from Finding Nemo, I carry it everywhere! There is clearly no point having a planner without a pen. This was a gift from a dear friend in Singapore last year and it writes beautifully.


Every girl loves this colour blue including me, I am a Tiffany junkie. My makeup needs to come everywhere with me, if I don’t have lipgloss close by then I have a mini freak out. But if I am lucky enough to take my lunch in the gym for a 30 minute run then I am on to a winner! I have also had many requests on sharing my best-loved makeup so stay tuned.


I’m long-sighted which means things in the distance are sometimes blurry. I love how wearing them makes everything look like it’s in HD. I switch between a few pairs of readers (that’s what we call them up north), outfit depending but this week I have been wearing Victoria Beckham’s large fine man whispered horn glasses.


This is my cherished scent right now. I do have my favourites but I couldn’t resist buying Prada’s La Femme. I go through perfume like milk (I drink heaps of tea) so a big bottle is essential.


I am a Madness fanatic. Don’t judge me.


Having some snacks I can grab on the run stops me from buying naughtiness which I will regret later. Weight Watcher back up is required at all times!

So there you have it. As you can see my handbag is an extension of me and I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.

N x


  1. Athena Russell
    February 13, 2017 / 6:30 pm

    I love it!!!

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