Why is it that two days at the weekend whizz past compared to two days in the working week? It annoys the hell out of me.

Monday to Friday is crazy busy with stuff and a faux-pas of mine…I am absolutely pants at relaxing. An hour into chilling I start researching what else I can or should be doing, it’s actually a bit annoying. So last Friday I had a personal day, awesome…a long weekend. I loved every minute of it but here I am again, in the middle of the following working week desperate for Friday again. Annoyed much as I hate wasting my life away, it’s only Tuesday for gods sake!

My long weekend started off well, I woke to a sunlit flooded apartment (although when it gets that bright that I often wear sunglasses) I know I know, I’m a diva. This aside, what I did notice was that I woke with a familiar feeling, I felt the way I did in Singapore…jubilant and cheerful. Ok before you think I am super weird, let me explain. Vitamin D is kinda by default what you are exposed to pretty much all of the time in Singapore. For me it gives a feeling of endless opportunity and that life is just awesome. Don’t get me wrong I am no miserable person, far from it, but waking up to rain, grey skies and wrapping up like an Eskimo just doesn’t do it for me.


Photo Cred: Shutterstock

Back in the room Nicci…sorry I digress. Realising the importance of a day off is crucial. It helps you appreciate every minute because personal time can be rare for many people but setting time aside for things you enjoy is just as important. It also helps you refuel and recharge.


Photo Cred: Madison Nickel

Here are five things I recommend you can do to help maximise your day off so you can feel re-energised and invigorated.


Not only does this not disrupt your daily routine, you can still do what you usually do but at a more leisurely pace. Your day feels much much longer, trust me.


It’s your time remember, you are not bound by meetings or any other external factors (unless you choose to of course) so make sure you do whatever it is you enjoy. Plan day trips, be a tourist in your own city, catch up with family or zone out and read a book. The list is endless and as long as you are doing something which you find fulfilling you won’t feel you have wasted your day.


Photo Cred: Francisco Moreno


Before starting your day I recommend identifying how you want to feel by the time you crash into bed. Do you want to feel serene, inspired, gratified or productive? When you have established how you want to feel it will help you decide how you wan to spend your time.


Who cares what time it is when you’re off? I never wear my watch when I am out of the office, I am time bound enough in the week thanks!


Photo Cred: Rachael Crowe


Immerse yourself in the fact have time out for you, even if you have set the day aside for admin or planning, that is still a great way to declutter your mind. Don’t get sucked in to emails or social media as it will distract you from your zen time.

I have another long weekend coming up and I can’t wait. I have already identified how I want to feel at the end of it which has driven my plans. How do you spend your personal days?

N x

So hey you, yes you..I want to thank you for reading my post. Whether you’ve stuck around since the beginning of my journey or whether you’re new to my blog, thank you for reading and supporting. I genuinely appreciate it.


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