The Hangover

I swear I am getting old.

Two days it has taken for me to get over a horrific hangover, two whole days! It used to be two hours. A bacon butty with a brew and I was good to go. Now I want to face plant a bacon butty, followed by a pizza then a curry. All courtesy of Deliveroo, lying on my sofa with my sunglasses on. That pretty much gives you an image of how I spent yesterday.

Photo Cred: Elisha Terada/Unsplash

Urrghhh I still feel lethargic. What is it about hangovers that make us feel so shitty? I mean all I did was consume a lot of grapes, red ones in fact. It’s one of my five a day so it’s supposed to be good for me. Ok jokes aside, the headache, tiredness, nausea, wanting to eat every carb on the planet and drinking my fridge dry is not a pleasant feeling. I reckon it’s because I didn’t eat prior to having a few vinos? Or the wine must have been off. Yeah that must have been it.

Ok, I probably just had too many grapes. I get it.

2 bottles of red wine on a table

Photo Cred: Christopher John Pratt/Unsplash

In the middle of hangover hell I managed to google ‘How to get rid of a hangover?’ I say manage because just the time it took me to type that out had me reaching for the bathroom. I felt car sick! What’s that all about? But the first article I found sincerely wound me up. Thanks for telling me that I am basically old! Like cheers.

What I did find was an article sharing the best cures from five New York bartenders. I’m not sure I could go for any that contained alcohol but I could definitely have a big bowl of Pho (especially if he claims it works 60% of the time!).

All the other articles listed were helpful pieces of advice like drink heaps of water, take painkillers and eat sugary foods. All with a hidden person stood there waving a finger and giving me a massive tut-tut for feeling this way. But what I was wanting was a miracle cure. Surely by now some bright spark must have come up with one. I mean we have cures for so many things today, how come the hangover one still isn’t there? Surely something must have come up on Dragons Den. I need to look into it because I don’t fancy going into a carb coma again any time soon.

Pepperoni and olive pizza

Photo Cred: Carissa Gan/Unsplash

This post certainly isn’t giving any advice on how to cure a hangover, as you can tell my idea of recovery is rather unhealthy, sloth-like behaviour. Literally.

I’m just having a rant and hoping someone sees my crucial yearning for a hangover cure!

Rant over.

N x

So hey you, yes you..I want to thank you for reading my post. Whether you’ve stuck around since the beginning of my journey or whether you’re new to my blog, thank you for reading and supporting. I genuinely appreciate it.

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