Free-flow Prosecco At M Threadneedle Street, London

Situated a stones throw away from some of London’s finest historical buildings including The Royal Exchange and the Bank of England is the luxurious M Restaurant.

The Bank area of London is one of my favourite parts of the city. I am a massive movie buff and knowing that some of the most famous movies have been filmed here is pretty awesome. Take for example Leadenhall Market which was Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, Cornhill for Bridget Jones (remember the scene where she came running out in her knickers and a cardigan in the snow to find Mr Darcy? Yes that was on Cornhill!) and more recently the new Mary Poppins film. Movie nirvana or what?!

So you can imagine my excitement at being invited to dinner in the heart of this area. Plus, being a weekend means the city is quieter, no suits, no bustle, no fast pace. Just a sunny peaceful Saturday.

As you enter M, Threadneedle Street you see a huge luxurious staircase leading to the M Bar. The decor consists of various dark tones, dimly lit yet warm and inviting. On arrival we were greeted by friendly staff who promptly took us to the main dining area, we went for the Book-A-Table 4 course and free-flowing Prosecco option.

Staircase at M, Threadneedle Street

Now to the food. Our first course was was Black Taramasalata, a light bite as we took our first sip of bubbles. This was a delicate change as it was nice not to be greeted with a bread basket which is usually where it all goes wrong for me. I fill up too much on that carb goodness before I have even started my meal.




We chose Chicken Karaage which was surprisingly light, moist chicken in a crispy batter with a nice blend of chilli, coriander and a wasabi mayonnaise which gave it an almost refreshing taste.

Crispy chicken with coriander and chilli

And Boerewors Sausage with Chakalaka and chive oil…

Boerewors sausage and chive oil


We both opted for steak. There is something satisfying about having dibs on a muscular, plump piece of succulence. It’s almost impossible for me to ignore. Especially when it is Argentinian, Las Pampas rump! It is already served with fries so we chose a Malbec onion topping and oyster mushrooms to complete the dish. Both were reasonably priced at £2.00 and £4.50.

Steak with fries and oyster mushrooms

In all honesty I love a good heavy glass of red when I am enjoying steak but the bubbles were lovely as an accompaniment. The free-flow was for 90 minutes so all in all, a great offer.


Although we were quite stuffed, it would have been a crime to not take one of each of the desserts on offer. Surprisingly both were light, airy and just the right size to finish the meal. I ordered the Dulce De Leche Flan with Italian meringue and salted dulce. Oh my life, this is to die for. It comes with a panacotta wobble to it, served with a buttery crumble. It wouldn’t normally be a dessert I would choose but I may have just been converted.

Dulce De Leche flan with Italian meringue and salted dulce

Our other dessert was a Mango and Yoghurt cake with smoked mango and a yoghurt sorbet. On first glance I thought it was going to be heavy but as we were sharing it was just perfect. And I am not an ice cream nor sorbet lover (I know! Everyone looks at me strangely when I say this!), but it was an ideal accompaniment to the delightfully light sponge.


This is definitely a venue which has my vote on a return visit. Our waiter was friendly, pleasant and our glasses were topped up frequently (which is a real bug bear of mine at a free-flow because sometimes you don’t get what you pay for), but at M, Threadneedle you most definitely do.


Perfect for: Brunch, lunch & dinner with friends, family and those special romantic dates.

Price: Great value for money.

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So hey you, yes you..I want to thank you for reading my post. Whether you’ve stuck around since the beginning of my journey or whether you’re new to my blog, thank you for reading and supporting. I genuinely appreciate it.

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