The Past, The Present And The Future

I can’t believe it!

I have been actively chatting in the blogosphere for some time, 100 times to be precise.

Just 14 months ago I launched my blog which became a dream of mine when I moved to Singapore. I had a desire to create a personal blog, a place for me to have a voice, share my life experiences and the millions of thoughts I have in my head at once. These lifestyle adventures, trials and tribulations seemed to resonate with and intrigue folk. I couldn’t believe it, I had a following! How awesome.

Womans hand holding a balloon covered with black mesh material

Photo Cred: Hipster Mum / Unsplash

You see I have a solid, simple yet unquestionable belief, life is there to be lived, this wonderful skin I am in ain’t going to be wasted. It was in Singapore that I discovered who I was. Growing up I was troubled, I was different to the rest of my family. I was the only dark haired, dark eyed person, my Father is Chinese and I took his surname as a baby. I was sometimes ridiculed because the surname was different and I tried everything I could not to be Asian (I am way more Asian than ever now!).

I always just felt, well different, to everyone else. Until I moved to Asia. I suddenly felt settled yet strangely alive. Walking round with an umbrella as a child when it was sunny, and dealing with the confused looks from people, now felt normal. I never knew why I did it and now I relish my sun kissed skin but I later understood that unblemished, clear untanned skin in Asia is considered to be beautiful and it stems from beliefs based upon hierarchy. The fairer you were, the more you were considered to be, well elite.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

I found it easy to embrace who I am, to be proud of the name on my birth certificate and finally be me. New passions and dreams flourished and my blog, being the extension of me gave me an avenue to make them come true. I discovered my foodie passion, of trying different cuisines and the excitement of sharing them in the hope I can inspire others to sample the delights. quickly became an expat blog.

Greenwich, London

Then came the relocation to London, the trials and tribulations started all over again. After speaking with a few people who have moved back to their home country I realise I am not alone. I don’t feel like I did in Singapore, I can’t settle, so my blog has moulded with me into being an expat at home, for now. The truth is, I long to live the expat life again so watch this space.

If you can dream it, you can do it

It’s just occured to me how fitting it is that as I write this post, I am luxuriating in a long weekend with the girls in Tours, France. Thoughts, dreams, goals and experiences are circling around my head. Why is it on vacation you somehow end up doing a bit of soul searching? It’s brilliant, I feel liberated, relaxed and I’m oozing with positivity. I am proud and feel extremely blessed to have reached my 100th post.

So cheers! And a massive thankyou guys, each and every one of you for reading my posts each week, for taking the time to share my blog and for taking the time to add your thoughts. I hope my experiences continue to help entertain and inspire you. I am astounded by all the love, encouragement and support I receive from you all in achieving and living my dream of being a Lifestyle Blogger.

Heres to the next 100 posts!

N x

So hey you, yes you..I want to thank you for reading my post. Whether you’ve stuck around since the beginning of my journey or whether you’re new to my blog, thank you for reading and supporting. I genuinely appreciate it.


  1. June 25, 2017 / 9:35 pm

    I’m sure you are having the most amazing time in France. I have never lived in another country but I would love that opportunity. xxxx

    • niccimcshane
      June 25, 2017 / 10:15 pm

      It’s been a beautiful long weekend! If you ever have the opportunity or want to move abroad you should most definitely do it I really recommend it! Xxxx

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