Dunkirk: In Review

I must confess…

My knowledge of what happened in Dunkirk prior to watching the movie was limited. All I knew was that it was an evacuation in the Second World War. I mean no sh*it!

As most of you know I am pretty partial to a good movie, I particularly like those which provide pure escapism like Harry Potter but a true story always gives me goosebumps and a new found appreciation for life.

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What is also important, well a bit of a biggie for me was that I went to the movies on my own, for the very first time! I never felt I could do it for fear of feeling silly, a billy no mates but that quickly faded as I happily settled down with my popcorn and vino. Apparently from speaking with my friends afterwards I discovered this is completely normal and quite a lot of them do it and have done for years! I wish I had known that earlier so I wasn’t feeling so fidgety but being comfortable in your own skin is one helluva feeling #yougogirl.

I digress, back to the movie. I know when I’m watching a goodun as I don’t check my watch to see what time it is! This was one of those movies. I purposely never read any reviews when they are first released as I don’t like to be influenced and prefer to reach my own conclusion. So, to discover it was a star studded cast was totally unexpected and of course it helps when Tom Hardy is in a film, any film to be precise.


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It was cleverly portrayed, I mean how do you show a war movie in a different light without the usual suspense, bombs and bloody faces? Christopher Nolan’s perspective was ingenious as he took us on a journey through three different angles of land, sea and air all with a common purpose.

The year was 1940, Winston Churchill was the British Prime Minister, and thousands of Allied soldiers were trapped in Dunkirk following an invasion by Germany. An evacuation was decided as the best course of action and they gathered on the beach waiting to be rescued which didn’t seem hopeful.

There is no leading actor, each person has their own story which combined adds to the memorable event.

Many of the troops were able to board British destroyers and merchant ships but the most touching for me was the scene where Commander Bolton (played by Kenneth Branagh) looks through his binoculars as his colleague asks, “What do you see?” to which his reply with eyes welling up is, “Home.” The following scene illustrates the hundreds of fishing boats, yachts and many others following a call from Britain to the civilians to assist with the evacuation.

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It’s definitely a goosebump moment and one which fills you with faith and optimism. That’s the kind of movie I enjoy.

So rather than completely spoil the film by sharing intense scenes, if you haven’t yet seen it I highly recommend but one tip, take tissues!

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So hey you, yes you..I want to thank you for reading my post. Whether you’ve stuck around since the beginning of my journey or whether you’re new to my blog, thank you for reading and supporting. I genuinely appreciate it.


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