Nepalese Nirvana At The Ferry Gurkha Kitchen 

This is a foodie’s heaven.

Nepal sits in-between China and India which results in an amazing blend of two of my favourite cuisines, Oriental and Indian. I haven’t yet visited Nepal but I’m adding it to my list and I am not ashamed to admit it’s from a foodie perspective!

This was my first time indulging in Nepalese food and I have a strong feeling it isn’t going to be the last. Situated in Thames Ditton about an hour outside of London is The Ferry Gurkha Kitchen.

The menu is extensive with countless recommended house specials which I am always steered towards. Why choose a regular dish you can get anywhere as opposed to a trying a new, traditional dish?

I didn’t quite know what to expect but these flavours have got to be the most exciting that my little taste buds have been exposed to. You know that moment when you take a spoonful of something, your eyes close and you are experiencing some kind of foodgasm? That’s exactly what I’m talking about! My advice is to rock up here hungry because the dishes really do their job and satisfy you, I was rolled out of the restaurant but with a humungous smile on my face.



Fresh homemade pork dumplings served with Nepalese tomato chutney. Now I have to say (sorry Din Tai Fung!) you have serious competition. The pork was succulent and the ginger flavour added a beautiful punch to the dumpling. I tend to find a lot of dumplings actually quite bland with the sauce or dip providing the flavour but these little beauties held their own.


Left to right: Chat Kukhura & Momos


In a lightly spiced popadom basket the chargrilled chicken mixed with cucumber, tomato, lemon juice, chat masala and coriander was an absolute hit. The flavours are perfectly combined, I am a massive coriander fan so this was one award winning dish! I couldn’t get enough of it.

Both starters were absolutely gorgeous, they wowed me and I could have carried on eating them all night.


The menu offers various house specials all competing for a place on the table. It was difficult to decide but the two main standouts for us were the Hill Boy Special and Everest Lamb. For me it’s important to sample the dishes which are to be considered popular by the Nepalese and I can tell you, we were not disappointed.


This is fresh marinated chicken tikka cooked with garlic, ginger, fenugreek leaf and a touch of chilli, yoghurt and coriander. Let me assure you, this ain’t no typical chicken tikka! The flavours were rich yet light with a slight kick to the sauce but absolutely divine. The chicken was perfectly cooked and just melted in your mouth.


Hill Boy Special


I can still taste this sauce, it was beautifully spiced with a heavenly rich flavour. The lamb was slow cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, tomato and fresh Nepali masala. This is a luxurious dish which is both aromatic and I have to use the word…scrumptious!


Everest Lamb

All of the above dishes accompanied with lemon rice, garlic naan and washed down with a glass of red was a perfect Friday evening meal. It has to be one of my highlight meals of the year so far and I am looking forward to tasting more of these dishes.

The Ferry Restaurant London, Nepalese dishes

What is also a stand out for me here is the service. The staff have impeccable manners, they are polite, friendly and from start to finish each dish arrived with perfect timing.

The fact that the restaurant was packed and nearly every table was reserved is an encouraging and reassuring sign that this is a popular and beloved restaurant.


img_1520-1I highly recommend heading out to this restaurant if you are looking for something different to try and with an affordable price tag.

Have you ever tried Nepalese cuisine? Are there any other restaurants you can recommend? I would love to give them a try!

N x

So hey you, yes you..I want to thank you for reading my post. Whether you’ve stuck around since the beginning of my journey or whether you’re new to my blog, thank you for reading and supporting. I genuinely appreciate it.



  1. September 5, 2017 / 10:37 am

    Such a nice food 🙂 🙂 Makes me want to go and have Nepalese as well! I LOVE Nepalese food as well since it is so rich and yummy but less creamy and dairy-heavy than Indian 🙂 all the spices, the bread! you took lovely pictures as well 🙂

    • niccimcshane
      September 5, 2017 / 10:39 am

      I’ve never had it before but oh man I’m a definite fan!! I agree it’s rich and less creamy yet the flavours are so god dam tasty! Thankyou so much that’s so nice of you to say 🤗xxxx

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