3 Ways To Concentrate When You’ve Got A Busy Workload

That dreaded thing happened to me this week…

No matter how much I stared at the computer screen, none of it was sinking in. I was losing focus. Sounds of people chatting in the office or the creak of the door opening or closing seemed magnified. My concentration levels were challenging which led to mini frustrations and tiredness. I realised that staring at an Excel file for hours wasn’t helping either. I don’t like Excel. It doesn’t like me. We aren’t friends.

What I did realise however, was that no amount of caffeine was going to fix this. I wasn’t miraculously going to apply the right amount of focus required after inhaling coffee. But there are three things I did which did benefit me and which may help lift you out of that stuck, frustrating moment if you’re suffering from it too.

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No matter what the time pressure is, staring at a screen and feeling stressed about it isn’t going to get the job done. Taking a 5-10 minute break, however, does. Get some fresh air, go for a walk and even grab that coffee on the way back. Those few minutes of enjoying a different scenery can make a huge difference to inject you with a renewed energy and focus.


Whilst this is all about personal preference, it is my go-to method. Listening to the radio in the background improves my creativity and lifts my mood. It also helps to block out busy office noise or even sometimes fill a deadly silence.

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I am a detail person, great for the work I do but sometimes you need to take a step back. I found that by talking things through with a colleague helped crystalise and validate my thinking. It’s effective to have someone to bounce off sometimes and can help get the job done faster.

Focus on being productive instead of busy

~Tim Ferris

Just three simple but effective ways to help swing you back into concentration mode.

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How do you stay focused? Do you have any helpful tips? I would love to hear any other ideas!

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  1. Me and excel are getting there….. I have heard brown noise is great for blocking sounds out and getting down to business! Have you heard of it? Similar to white noise but more appealing apparently!! xx

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