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Insomnia is vexatious.

I have suffered for years with those long nights of tossing and turning, dragging my feet to the kitchen for the umpteenth time to make a warm drink. I’ve tried Kalms herbal tablets, long hot baths, essential oils and resorted to counting sheep. It’s only until I have recently endured pleurisy that I have had some seven-star snoozes thanks to some uber strong painkillers, but I can’t stay on them forever.


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Meditation helps sometimes, I think I find it really hard to switch off, I swear my brain has a gazillion Google tabs open at once. But on a recent flight, snatching the duty-free magazine in an unladylike manner whilst reaching for my wallet, something caught my eye…a deep sleep pillow spray. Was this a gimmick? I am fully aware I am a marketers dream but when it comes to getting the proper sleep I will try anything. It was also on offer, Deep Sleep Pillow Talk which included a little anti-stress roller ball, BINGO! I can’t ever turn a bargain down so it was a slam dunk, this little beauty was mine.

Sleep is the best meditation

~Dalai Lama

The strapline says, “Fall asleep faster, naturally and wake up refreshed,” okay time to give it a go. Business trips are always busy but after a lovely dinner with the gang, it was off to my room for a hot bath and a date with This Works. Post a luxurious bubble bath I spritzed the bed linen with the pillow spray and also applied the anti-stress oil onto my pulse points and settled into bed to listen to my audiobook.

Sometimes these natural aids can have an unpleasant scent from past experience but this has a pleasing and calming lavender fragrance, not that whiffy strong kind and it reminded me slightly of camomile tea. Not surprising when I looked at the ingredients which stated, “Expertly blended with essential oils of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile.” This is no word of a lie, I woke with the sound of the alarm at 6:30am feeling like I had been tranquilised. What an amazing sleep! I was pretty suspicious and thought ok maybe that was a one-off but this is now an essential part of my evening routine and I haven’t struggled since. Being poorly, of course, hasn’t helped and painkillers have aided sleep but the relaxation of the lavender spritz and oil scent and its magic powers have enabled me to unwind much more easily, I felt soothed, almost comforted.

If you suffer from being able to pump those Zzzzz’s I recommend you give this a go.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 75ml is available here at £18.00.

Deep Sleep Pillow Talk is available here at £24.00.

Have you tried this already? What did you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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