Can’t Resist: Tom Ford, Velvet Orchid

“Your perfume is your message, your scented slogan” ~Maurice Roucel

I concur.

Each one of us has a go-to scent, a favourite signature aura. The millions of perfumes out there offer every possible note combination to tickle our senses. Whilst I have my own ultimate beloved perfume I am forever buying new ones. I do finish the bottles pretty quickly as I tend to administer a few sprays every few hours. I even apply it before bed!

Perfume is one of my guilty pleasures and my latest is Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford.


It goes without saying that the product oozes class with its luxurious sleek design and deep purple hue. The full Tom Ford range gushes opulence. But it’s the pheromone which imprints a captivating, seductive emotion. It synchronises power, romance, and femininity and can be described as being lavished with cool citrus, dramatic petals, honey, and rum. Now, what’s not to love about that?!

Perfume is a big part of my life, essential for many reasons but why do we love it so much?


It’s an enabler. A few sprays of our personal wonder nectar can completely transform how we feel inside resulting in confidence, feeling larger than life and hey presto we are ready to tackle the world.


Whilst we may have a favourite perfume, we can select to wear different ones depending on our mood. For example, when I go to bed I like to wear a softer perfume compared to a more subtle fragrance in the day. And if my positive pants have fallen off and I’m being a bit of a sourpuss I am not going to select an energetic scent.


Certain smells can awaken memories, arouse feelings or stir the emotions. One simple sniff can transport us into a nostalgic timewarp, make us feel happy or even powerful.


There are stores which offer services to make your own fragrance, an opportunity to develop a majestic scent for personal style, sophistication, and exclusivity. How wonderful to have an intimate, distinctive essence!

Do you have a favourite perfume? How does it make you feel?

N x

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