11 Instant Mood Boosters

Sometimes you just need to feel better, fast.

The day could be going well and then bang, it happens. A brawny phone call, a tough conversation or someone’s actions have hurt you and sent you into a negative tailspin. So how do you deal with it, how do you schlepp yourself out of the terrible feeling?I don’t know about you but at times like this, I crave a quick fix, something to make me feel better immediately. I don’t want the feeling to take root and linger for any longer than necessary.

Don’t let a bad day let you feel like you have a bad life

Here are some instant mood boosters which can help if you’re needing a snappy Band-Aid:




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Looking at moments which have made you happy and reliving joyful memories can instantly make you feel better. Pictures of family and friends can remind you of how loved and supported you are.


Just a few minutes of chatting with a loved one can really impact your mood, it can result in laughter, banish feelings of loneliness and immediately make us feel more connected.


Concentrating on something else can be just the ticket. I find Ted Talks are a superb way to switch off as they have a range of topics to suit anyone, any mood and for any time length you have available. Distracting yourself from whatever is making you feel bad allows you to forget the negativity.


Repeating a positive phrase to yourself empowers an upbeat change, one of my favourite affirmations is, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.” Try it and see which one works for you.

Flower shop

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Flowers make people feel happy, triggering positive emotions. Why wait for someone to buy them for you when you can indulge and treat yourself to the most beautiful, colourful flowers in the shop.


It’s all about the scent. This week I wrote about why perfume makes us feel good and one of the factors being that it can give us superpowers. It’s an enabler to us feeling more relaxed, confident and happy. You can read more about it here.



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This is one of my ultimate go-to quick fixes. Wearing a red lip can provide validation, increase morale and confidence in seconds.


At first, I found this going against all my norms. I have always saved my bubble bath indulgence for the evening, as a winding down mechanism but who says you can’t start the day off this way? Granted you need a bit more time for this especially if you decide to do this before hitting the office but working from home or even weekends can be a great way to start the day, especially if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed!


Ah, the good old love drug! It’s all about the tryptophan which is found in chocolate and causes a release of serotonin to the brain. It boosts our endorphins and makes us feel good so go grab some and enjoy!



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This is one of my Band-Aid moments, I have been known to ask for a hug to just feel better instantly. Not only do you feel loved and protected but did you know they are a natural stress reliever? It helps release tension and sends calming messages to the brain.


This is a biggie for me, there are some people out there that just suck the life out of you and can send you spiralling into the Victor Meldrew camp but the best way to prevent this from happening is to avoid them. It can be difficult if you share office space or have a friend in the group who brings you down but you can limit your contact.

What instant mood booster tricks do you have up your sleeve? I would love to have a few more ideas to add to my list!

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