Sri Lankan Servings Of Delight At Unawatuna, Jersey

They say good food is good mood.

And that was most definitely the case on my recent business trip to Jersey. I hate to admit that in the past few months of frequent travel to the island, I haven’t explored many restaurants, what kind of rubbish foodie does that make me?!

Time to change. This time the visit felt different. The evenings are lighter, the sun was shining and the streets were full of laughter and clinking of glasses as people enjoyed the outdoor seating.

You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too

In Caledonia Place, there is a row of colourful buildings, where Jersey’s only Sri Lankan restaurant proudly resides, Unawatuna.

The vibrant fresh colours spill through to the interior where the decor is lively, warm and welcoming.

There’s something about Sri Lankan cuisine which fascinates me, the Indian and Indonesian influences combined with the staples, coconut, rice and spices are heartwarming.

It had been a long day and hungry wasn’t the word. Bubbles were required immediately in order to carefully select my feast. The menu is plentiful with a fantastic vegetarian selection but a return visit is essential as there are various other dishes I would like to try. I certainly chose the winners on this occasion.


I am struggling to describe this dish to explain the absolutely delightful and insanely delicious flavours.

A Sambal is traditionally a spicy sauce or relish. This dish is beetroot blended with chilli, coconut and lime served with Roti. It packs a punch with its flavours, taking you on a journey of literally tasting each ingredient. I never would have imagined beetroot and coconut would taste so good, I didn’t want the dish to end.

Photo Cred: / Beetroot Sambal


I love the sound of fish curries but I always feel disappointed afterwards as they never really fulfil my expectations and I often wish I had ordered something meatier. After discussing my dilemma upon ordering I was recommended to try the Malu Hodi, a catfish curry.

Catfish is a freshwater fish with sweet, meaty, white flesh and a perfect substitute for chicken, it suited my Weight Watcher plan down to the ground. The dish is a fillet of Asian catfish marinated with turmeric, goraka (a fruity spice), coriander and mustard, served with rice and poppadoms.

There’s something gratifying about this dish, it’s fragrant and heavenly. It has most definitely transformed my thoughts on fish curries.

WATTAKKA (Pumpkin)

Pumpkin with onions, garlic, chilli powder, ground mustard seeds, cinnamon and green leaf spinach.


Red lentil, onions, and spinach tempered using the chef’s special method.


I was kindly given this dish to sample to taste the difference from the beetroot version. I have to say whilst it was absolutely divine, the beetroot is my favourite. There is something about how those flavours pop, they work and you are left in a When Harry Met Sally moment!

Unawatuna, Jersey

Photo Cred: / Malu Hodi (fish)

Unawatuna, Jersey

Photo Cred: / Crab Sambal

I was recommended to blend all dishes together to maximise the flavours and wow was I impressed. The catfish is meaty yet airy and I was devouring the sauce like soup, it is bursting with flavour. The dishes are dense and enticing.

I was surprised that it wasn’t overly spicy, I enjoy heat where it packs a punch but you aren’t left with a painful tongue and you can’t taste anything. It was the perfect amount of spice.


I need to start by telling you that I don’t like ice cream. I avoid it at all costs and I get strange looks from people when I tell them. I’m not quite sure why I ordered it knowing how much I don’t like it but my god, it was inhaled in a matter of minutes!

It is served in half a coconut with a lusty sweet kumquat delicately positioned on the top.  The ice cream oozes coconut with heaps of coconut flakes in one creamy, luscious dish. It is beautiful, it’s probably the only ice cream I will have again!


Photo Cred: / Coconut Ice Cream

I am looking forward to returning to Unawatuna to sample more of their delicious dishes, you can feel the love and pride which has gone into each meal. If you’re ready for mouth-watering nirvana, this is the place for you.

You can check out the reasonably priced, appetising menu here.

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