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I regret taking good care of my skin
said noone ever

As I’ve become older I’ve really focused on nourishing my skin, giving it the nutrients it deserves and feeding it with love. There are so many products out there, each claiming it can fight the aging process, make you look ten times younger and provide the ultimate perfect complexion. Each battling to show you how their latest natural ingredients are what you need. So how to choose? And how much should we spend on this skincare? It can be an expensive interest.

The global cosmetic market is growing exponentially, it no longer covers just hair or skin care, we are now talking deodorants, nail care, perfumes and body products. We are also no longer catering solely for the Hollywood glamour, it affects each and every one of us in some way shape or form.

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We all have our staple products, on occasion afraid to try new ones in case they aren’t suited to our skin, and we look to influencers through Instagram, Twitter and blogs to check their reviews before buying. No longer do we go straight to the brands marketing because of course they are going to say the product is awesome, right?

I enjoy sampling new products and having always had oily and sensitive skin, prone to the occasional breakout, I am keen to purchase natural products and those which contain salicylic acid (known for helping diminish nasty spots which may have appeared overnight!).

My first experience using Bioderma was when I was living in Singapore, the humidity sometimes created havoc with my skin and the doctor suggested using a face wash containing salicylic acid followed by Bioderma Sebium moisturiser. The combination worked a treat! So you can imagine my delight upon receiving products from their sensitive range, Sensibio, to try.

What I love about Bioderma is their formula criteria, biological effectiveness and dermatological safety. They are trusted products in my opinion and have been a welcome pleasure to my daily skincare routine.


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This fragrance free gel foams up nicely with just a pea sized amount and leaves a gorgeous fresh feeling to the skin, feeling fully cleansed. Working in the city surrounded by pollution it’s important to remove the daily grime from the surface of your skin. This is a lovely clarifying product which almost gives a soothing effect, the lack of antiseptic scent which is present in a lot of skincare, allows a more gentle application to the skin.


Photo Cred: niccimcshane.com

It’s important for me to complete my skin care routine with a good moisturiser. This is a light, delicate and easy to apply moisturiser which does what is says on the tin. It is crease resistant, enriching and replenishing without leaving an oily film which some products can do.

Both of these products are winners in my eyes and the best news which I am sure you are waiting to hear…no breakouts occurred!

You can purchase Bioderma from most leading department stores and online here.

This post is in collaboration with Bioderma. All thoughts are entirely my own.

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