Souks And The City In Marrakech

Marrakech for me conjures up images of Carrie Bradshaw and the girls rocking designer gear on camels and buying an abundance of spices and shoes in a souk nirvana.

For a fashion-conscious tourist, this was a perfect location for sipping cocktails by the pool and an awesome opportunity to put my packing skills to the test in cramming all the kaftans and spices I possibly could into a tiny suitcase to ferry home. Mission accomplished.

But literally, that’s all I knew about Morocco, that it was the Sex and City 2 location. That and lounging around drinking sweet mint tea was a must.

The most striking thing about Marrakech is the pop of colour on every corner. From wicker to shoes, bags, spices and fabric it’s a delight to see.

The main goal of the trip was absolute relaxation. I wanted to return home feeling completely revitalised and relaxed with a camera full of wonderful memories. What better way to do that with an all-inclusive hotel, pool and souks close by.

“One sip then Souk”

I followed in Carrie’s footsteps and immersed myself in the souks. One piece of advice, make sure you have brought a case big enough to ferry your goodies back home and give yourself a whole day or at least half a day to be prepared to shop til you drop. You couldn’t even have a shopping directory for this kind of day, there is everything and I literally mean everything you could possibly want. I’m talking wicker goods, handbags, pashminas, clothes, spices, shoes, bags, lamps, the list goes on!

Be prepared to haggle and don’t be afraid to walk away if you don’t agree with the price. They will holler after you but 9 times out of 10 they call you back to accept the price you offered. You really can get some amazing bargains. They are also great at rapport building by tapping into where you are from. The minute you say you are from London, the response is, “Lovely Jubbly!”

The Koutoubia Mosque is a spectacular building, the largest mosque in Marrakech with its beautifully curved windows and arches. The grounds are peaceful with fountains and greenery, a perfect spot for taking a break and soaking up the sun.

Photo Cred: / Koutoubia Mosque

A perfect day away from the hotel and one which I highly recommend. I would also suggest booking a guide at your hotel to take you around the area and the souks, they are also great at helping you win in your bartering!


Escaping the world at home, pushing work to one side and being able to immerse yourself in a good book by the pool is one of my guilty pleasures. I read three books in four days which allowed me to feel liberated, I wasn’t driven by time.

Having a little spot of heaven in a busy world is important to me, everyone needs their own space and time to reflect, recharge.

Photo Cred: / Kenzi Club, Marrakech

Marrakech is a place with an abundance of history and is down to earth with its banter with the locals, dining outdoors in a friendly atmosphere and an abundance of snake charmers and henna tattoos. It’s a memorable location and I’m looking forward to drinking sweet mint tea out of my new Moroccan teapot!

Look out for my next post coming soon on our rooftop dining experience at Nomad Marrakech.

Have you ever been to Marrakech? What did you love most?

By Nicci McShane

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