Fancy Foot Care with Dr Anders

There is no hiding away from the fact we spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on skincare products. The beauty industry is big business with the cosmetics market estimated to generate $445 billion.

I for one can admit that my daily skincare routine isn’t cheap and that’s before I even think about makeup! Then come the nails, that monthly shellac pampering delight.

But what about our feet? Those important tootsies which help us get from A to B, that allow us to go running, spinning and slip into those gorgeous heels. Surely they deserve some special attention too, right?

Whilst I do on occasion look after my feet with frequent nail salon visits and the odd evening where I remember to apply moisturiser, I either haven’t found the right foot cream or I don’t pay attention to them as often as I should, as that hard skin keeps rearing its ugly head. I have tried numerous products that whilst do moisturise for a short while, there is no prolonged softness.

Until I came across Dr Anders foot care products.


Squeeze a small amount onto the cuticles of the nails, it’s a thin white cream. Once applied with the brush, massage in for soft skin around the nail. It’s important to look after our cuticles as they do serve a purpose, they protect the nail and allowing them to be removed or broken can cause infection.


I absolutely love this cream, it’s quite a thick texture but is easily absorbed into the skin. It certainly doesn’t leave you gliding and slipping across the floor. It has a fresh scented soap smell and gives intensive nourishment to the skin. What hard skin? Mine has pretty much disappeared and I am now an avid user of this cream twice a day.


Once both of the above products have been applied, apply a light mist over the feet and massage into the skin. Be careful not to spray too much as it can take a while for it to dry. What I like to do for added moisture is to slip on a pair of socks after application and leave it to work its magic. Trust me, your feet will thank you afterwards.

Our feet take the whole weight of our body so any discomfort or pain can make daily activities a problem. Don’t neglect them and give them some love. I can recommend Dr Anders products, they are non-irritant, luxurious and they actually do work!

You can order any of the products here.

This post is in collaboration with Dr Anders. All thoughts are entirely my own.

By Nicci McShane

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