Things I Believe In This Week: Advent Calendars, Street Food & Bobble Hats

It’s beginning to look a lot like…cocktails!

I don’t know about you but how exciting is it that we only have 19 sleeps before Christmas?!

This time of year I become even more annoying than usual. Shakin’ Stevens belts out from my iPhone every morning creating an immediate enthusiastic mood (sorry neighbours!), only Christmas mugs are allowed to be used and there are numerous apple and cinnamon candles burning at all times.

It wasn’t difficult to think of the things I believe in this week because the festive season has well and truly begun. Of course, this means winter in the UK and being surrounded by chunky knitwear, leather boots, log fires, comfort food and…


I was greatly conflicted this year as I struggled to decide which advent calendar to adorn my apartment. Should I go for wine, cheese, gin, beauty or good old chocolate?! Can you believe there is literally an advent calendar for everything now, I even came across one for socks!

The curiosity and anticipation of opening an advent calendar never really leaves us as we grow older. It’s the build-up to the big day after all! I eventually chose Amazon Beauty and I have not been disappointed!


Ok hands up I admit it, I’m a foodie! But it doesn’t always mean it has to be the latest restaurant or gourmet haunt, coming across an enticing street food stall can provide immediate gratification and contentedness. This week I came across Munchies in South Quay, Canary Wharf. They specialise in Cuban sandwiches and Latin American food, the portions are humungous and are a real comfort in the winter months. A high five from me!

The menu is varied and they are open for both breakfast and lunch, a superb gormandise indulgence.


Every time I see a hat, any hat, I have a sudden urge to try it on, no matter what shape or size. It can help accessorise up an outfit or merely keep my hair out of my face but quite frankly it’s been damn cold in London over the last couple of days so I wouldn’t have left the house without it.

Not only can they hide any bad hair day and be a practical and stylish decoration but a beanie hat with a bobble on the top is just, well, fun! Do you have a favourite bobble hat?

What do you believe in this week?

By Nicci McShane

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