Being Grateful All Day

OK, a moment of truth time…

How grateful are you, do you practice the attitude of gratitude frequently or even make a daily list to kick start the day with a positive vibe?

The reason I ask is twofold. When the day is turning into one from hell, are you able to keep yourself balanced and think of the things you are grateful for in order to stop yourself from wallowing into the black hole of misery? Or even complete a daily gratitude list in the morning stepping out with a happy vibe only to an hour later forgetting all about the list?

Unfortunately, I am guilty of the latter.



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I have been contemplating about this lately as I religiously dedicate time to noting down what I am grateful for and the important things I plan to do, for me, that day, which make me happy. I am full of excitement as I put pen to paper with positive thoughts for the day and off I head to the office pumped with joy. Then, the dreaded thing happens. I forget all about it! That awesome list of things I promised myself is abandoned.

Meetings, phone calls, being pulled in a million directions all take over and the good intentions slowly fade away. Then at the end of the day, as I reflect, I’m disappointed I didn’t manage to achieve what I had planned.

I chatted with one of my pals about this very topic last week and she shared a helpful and interesting tip for feeling good. She picks a colour and every time she sees that colour it reminds her of bliss and optimism, a reminder to smile and be grateful. What a great idea! I have tried this over the last few days and it really works! I chose a colour (pink) and every time it appeared I smiled and repeated the things I listed as being grateful for that morning. (You can also cheat, I chose pink because one of my colleagues always wears a pink shirt), well you can’t blame me right! No excuse not to feel happy and grateful!


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Ok, so that’s one problem tackled.

Remember earlier I mentioned the list of things I promise myself to do that day? The first question I would ask is, what kind of things is she talking about, well here are some of my frequent pledges:


Believe it or not, smiling when you don’t feel like it makes you feel happy, it improves your mood. And smiling at someone on the tube is even better, watch a grumpy face transform into a cheerful one. It’s a nice feeling.


It’s important to have time to unwind and recharge the batteries. Bubbles and bath bombs combined with a glass of wine and a book finishes a day off in style. Having me-time is not selfish.


What’s the point in worrying? I used to be the world’s biggest worrier and nothing ever changed for getting myself into such a tangle over silly things or things which may never even happen. All it did was disturb my peace. When that sneaky little tummy turn creeps in I remind myself not to worry, especially over things I can’t control.


This follows on from not worrying in one sense as when that panic takes over, you are taken into another world of ifs and buts and imaginary situations. Things which are happening right in front of you are not seen and you are there only in body. Phenomenon’s, milestones or adventures are being missed which may never occur again. Being present, seeing and hearing everything around you is a new experience.

So, see what I mean? This list, of course, changes daily depending on my mood or what is happening in my life but the core question remains the same, “What am I going to do for me today?” It is important that I don’t let myself down so my quick fix, for now, is to snap a picture of the list and add it to my wallpaper for the day to enjoy the accomplishments.

How do you remain grateful all day?
I would love to hear your ideas!

By Nicci McShane


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