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It’s been a while…

I was sadly forced to take a short break from my beloved blog due to some personal commitments, but I am popping up to quickly say hi and I feel I owe you all an explanation. Especially after all the lovely messages, I have received over the last few months.

So what’s been happening?


I pledged to embark upon a nine-month International Diploma in Anti Money Laundering in order to add some more feathers to my bow. All my spare time has been spent with my head in books, notes and a laptop.

Whilst my knowledge has matured, which I am incredibly thankful for, I did realise one thing…I am a terrible student! I enjoy reading, researching and learning at my own leisure, but not under pressure and I most certainly do not enjoy writing essays. None the less it has been a great experience and my results are due in a few weeks, wish me luck!



I got frozen. Well kind of, for three minutes in a -92 degree dry ice chamber at Le Chalet Cryo. I am a marketers dream so when someone tells me I can lose up to 800 calories in that time and boost my collagen, all gloves were off and I was in. I don’t know if there is actually a way to measure how many calories you do lose but it most definitely helps reduce aches and pains. They say that being exposed to such extreme temperatures can produce endorphins, improve circulation and give you a good night’s sleep. It’s particularly favoured by athletes as an alternative to an ice bath. I prefer the dry ice option!

And literally the attire I am wearing above is all the clothing you are allowed. Trust me, it’s cold in there.


I decided it was time to get fitter and change up my exercise habits. Gone are the spin classes and I am now a fully-fledged member of YourZone45 which is a 45-minute circuit workout. Somehow the fact that it isn’t a full hour seems more bearable and for those of you who know how competitive I am, seeing everyone’s stats on the screen throughout the class makes me even more determined to push harder.

It took my body a good month to stop hurting, parts of my body which I didn’t even know I had, ached like hell. But it’s been worth every minute, a combination of cardio and strength training gives you a well-rounded session and helps clear any stresses of the day. Definitely a winner after a day of work and studying.


Remember last year I abseiled down my office building for charity? Well, this time I upped my game. I haven’t been on a bike for 15 years but somehow I signed up for a 28-mile charity ride from Hertford to Canary Wharf to help raise money and support the wonderful work the NSPCC does. Within the first 5 minutes of riding, I fell into a lorry and then later rode into the back of my friend’s bike and fell off so it was a great start! Whilst I don’t think I will ever go through that again (Hertford has some horrendous slow-burner hills) I am pleased I was part of an incredible experience. God knows what I will be signing up for next year!

So that’s about it! However sadly whilst there have been many ups in the last few months there has been one monumental down which occurred in the last week. It has completely floored me but I will save this for my next post which I am currently working on as I think it will help me to talk about how I feel by sharing it with you.

Stay tuned and thank you for all your continued support.





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