Did I Ever Imagine

If you had told me a few months ago that the gym, cocktail bars and restaurants were going to be closed for weeks I would have come out in hives and demanded to know who your drug dealer was.

Yet here we are, about to start another week of lockdown in the UK and whilst it has taken a little time to adjust, I am happy to hold my hands up and proclaim that I am actually enjoying being at home. I have been very compliant, standing respectfully in the queue for the supermarket (I recommend taking a book!) and keeping a safe distance whilst nipping out for my 90-minute government-approved exercise. One thing I have discovered about myself is that as long as I get a daily dose of fresh air in the park I seem to manage just fine.

img_1534I don’t know about you but it has also been lovely to reconnect with my apartment, given the usual hustle and bustle of work and daily life.

And this daily life has somewhat morphed into a new kind, previously I would nip out the office for a coffee or visit a colleague on another floor for a quick break but these breaks now consist of jumping on my bike for a quick spin class or rolling out the yoga mat for a HIIT class. My spare time has been consumed with fitness which I could never have imagined possible. Just who have I turned into?! I am suddenly a fitness freak who goes to bed every night accompanied by heavy legs and a massive bout of DOMS. But hey, things could be worse!danny-g-_Utk8ZYT4tI-unsplashThese few weeks have shifted my mindset. Normal life as was, felt like I was in a tornado, occasionally stopping to see what was in front of me and crashing at the end of the day. And now, whilst undertaking a journey of initially coping with isolation, I found myself able to slow down and actually see what was around me, feeling grateful for some of the basics. I mean, imagine no hot water, electricity, internet or god forbid Netflix at a time like this! And whilst I can sometimes feel stressed with my workload, I have never been more grateful for my work and the virtual hustle and bustle.

I now have time. Time to do whatever I want to, within the confinement of my own home of course. When else would we find this kind of space to just think, have the opportunity for self-improvement, or even just a chance to relax.nicole-wolf-aJTSzd-8GGI-unsplashI initially started out with a list of things I wanted to achieve in this lockdown period but all that did was add more stress to my day. I could feel the guilt rising for not crossing things off! I realised I was making life much harder than it needed to be. I want to remember this period in history, knowing I played my part in staying home, where I allowed my creativity to do its thing and I didn’t authorise my to-do list to make the weeks flash by without enjoying them.

Some of my achievements so far have taken me back to basics and for that I am grateful.

Here is a snapshot of the last 6 weeks:

  • I have kept Amazon Kindle Unlimited busy, I’m on 10 books to date!
  • Thanks to Peleton and YourZone, I exercise three times a day
  • A daily dose of meditation each morning sets me up for the day, I recommend Fitbit Breathe
  • I take time to make breakfast, lunch and dinner (including Dim Sum and banana bread!)
  • I now have a seven-star snooze, my sleep has improved with a minimum of 7 hours a day
  • I ran 10km for the first time in years
  • I have been practising Italian again
  • I cleaned the oven and microwave – that’s a job and a half I tell you!
  • I treated myself to afternoon tea
What have you been up to in lockdown?
I would love to add some more ideas to my list!


  1. May 12, 2020 / 6:36 pm

    Hope you are doing well, Nicky. We’re hanging on here in New York City , never thought I’d see anything like this. I’ve gotten past the blame game as to who’s fault it is or what country started it. All I know is, this could have been prevented by someone but now that it’s here, this is the new norm. As a senior citizen with health issues, I worry about the virus from hell, but won’t allow it to dominate my life. If I go for walks or to the grocery store on senior time, my mask and my gloves are my new bffs. I do miss watching my sports but more than anything , I miss being able to travel. I have posted travel memories on my Instagram page snd because a lot of my friends are hockey fans like myself, I stsrted postimg pictures of players no matter what team they’re on to my Facebook and IG pages. They seem to love it. Ive been doing a lot of ‘window shopping ‘ online for clothes that I will wear when this is over. God willing, hopefully this will be over . Stay safe

    • October 23, 2020 / 5:52 pm

      Hello darling! I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging so much lately (until today!) so I haven’t seen this! I wasn’t ignoring you!

      How are you doing? It’s crazy isn’t it what’s been happening! I really hope you’re still safe! Have you been able to go anywhere? How is it over there now? Stay safe darling!

      • November 16, 2020 / 2:48 pm

        Hi Nikki. Been a lot better than I was in May. I’ve been doing staycations here in New York City and Long Island visiting places that I hadn’t seen since I was a little girl . The Nassau County bus and Long Island Railroad have been my best friends. I’ve been to Jones Beach in Wantagh , Long Island and even went to Montauk , which is the farthest one can go on Long Island . Was going to try to go away for the American thanksgiving , but the governor of new York has issued a list of states that are quarentined for New Yorkers , so no go. It was a fairly nice summer, sports even came back with no fans but it was sports so I was happy. Hope you are doing well. Will be so glad when this is over. This virus is like that boyfriend or girlfriend who didn’t get the memo that it’s time to go.

        • November 16, 2020 / 3:12 pm

          Oh wow I LOVE the staycay ideas! ESP if you haven’t been since you were little, did you enjoy it? What will you do for thanksgiving? It’s such a sad and crazy time isn’t it. It’s all a bit too much sometimes! And I love the comparison to an ex!! It’s so true! Like they keep coming back and coming back! I just wish for some normality and no fear of catching this thing and for everyone to be well and safe!!! I’m so glad that you’re feeling a little better but it’s such a journey for us all isn’t it!!!

          • November 16, 2020 / 3:26 pm

            Hi Nikki, I loved the visits to Jones Beach and especially out to Montauk , which was a 3 hour Long Island Railroad ride from my house in Queens . It was beautiful. Check out my blog posts about Montauk and Jones Beach as well as my other day trips. As for Thanksgiving , I’m going to stay here , and God willing , think about traveling in February . They’re working on a vaccine . All I can say is thank God we’re going to have a president who takes the virus from hell seriously .

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