About me

1465350511864Welcome to my lifestyle blog!

I am a roaming expat otherwise known as Nicci Nice Shoes (you could say I have a slight addiction to heels). Singapore has been my home for the last 6 years and I am now in the big smoke declaring myself an expat at home.

I am a lifestyle blogger focused on maximising life and I’m dam proud that my experiences define who I am today. Being an expat isn’t easy nor is it plain sailing when you return to your home country so why not be an expat at home?! My blog is dedicated to adapting to life’s challenges and ensuring every single second of life is awesome on the way to achieving goals and dreams.

YOLO is how I live my life and New York (my goal and dream) is the next location.

Come along and enjoy the ride, I hope I can inspire you along the way…happy reading!

N x

Want to contact me?

The best place to grab me is on Instagram but please feel free to email any enquries to niccimcshane@gmail.com




7 Comments on “About me

  1. Am with you on your life mantras 😃
    First time I’ve ever followed a blog!
    Go girl – rock your stuff!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh wow really?! Well I’m super proud that it’s mine you’ve chosen! Thankyou so much! I hope I keep it flowing well 😁!!


  2. I thought I would check out your site — it’s very cool and stylish. Keep up the great work, Nicci. And New York is the best city I have ever visited, which is why I have booked to return in August. The vastness and variety of things to do are alluring.

    Liked by 1 person

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