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+ Landscape photo of various fake tan: St Tropez, FakeBake, Sephora, James Read and St Moriz

I’ve Found The Best Fake Tan On The Market, No Really!

Random streaks? Smelling like a Digestive biscuit? Transforming into an orange right before your very own eyes… Sound familiar? Why is it that fake tan causes more problems than maybe it’s worth? Advertisements



Probably one of my most used hashtags. And not just mine, on Instagram today it has 66,296,419 posts! That’s a hell of a lot of foodies out there. Has this become a general term which has lost its impact due to over-use or is an actual term which describes a group, a large group of people?


How I Got My Ass Back Into Spinning

I can’t walk, my legs are like jelly! I went to my first spin class last night, after 10 whole months. Oh man, you know that feeling when you take your time slooowly sitting in a chair and feel nervous about walking down steps for fear of collapsing? Yup, that’s precisely how I feel today!

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