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A Bit Of Singapore At Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall, London

A hot day wearing flipflops, donning my favourite sunglasses and entering a huge food hall to decide which Asian food I was going to grab for lunch, I felt like I was back home. I felt like I was in Singapore. Bang Bang Oriental Food House is in Collindale, a few minutes walk from Collindale Station. It felt slightly out of the city, however, was … Read More A Bit Of Singapore At Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall, London


From Singapore to London: One Year Later

A year ago today I arrived in London to start a new life. It still feels as though it was only a few months I left Singapore. I know that old saying that time flies but when a year whizzes past with what seems a blink of an eye, it becomes a whole new ballgame.

+ Landscape photo of various fake tan: St Tropez, FakeBake, Sephora, James Read and St Moriz

I’ve Found The Best Fake Tan On The Market, No Really!

Random streaks? Smelling like a Digestive biscuit? Transforming into an orange right before your very own eyes… Sound familiar? Why is it that fake tan causes more problems than maybe it’s worth?

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