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How To Feel Grateful When Things Are Tough

“Think of three things to be grateful for…” Something I do every morning as soon as I wake, now a habit. And it’s also something I say to myself when I’m feeling a little fed up. But what about the times when that just doesn’t work? The last thing you want to hear is, “Cheer up! Focus on the positives!” My immediate reaction is oh … Read More How To Feel Grateful When Things Are Tough


6 Things That Piss Me Off

Whilst wearing positive pants is fun and results in blissful peace, I think you have got to be a robot for nothing to ever piss you off.

+ British Flag

Feeling Patriotic

Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation was 65 years ago. Today, the BBC is airing an interview with the Queen at Buckingham Palace, sharing memories of her Coronation. I am waiting with baited breath, I am eager to hear all about it from the lady herself.

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