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The Things That Happen When You Allow Your Thoughts To Consume You 

I’m a thinker, I think a lot, I might be an over thinker…see what I mean?! In all fairness I don’t mind admitting it. I don’t even know what sets this entire process off sometimes. Is it because I have an over active imagination or maybe I watch too many crime dramas that I think I would be an essential requirement for the FBI? … Read More The Things That Happen When You Allow Your Thoughts To Consume You 

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Currently Obsessed With Liz Earle

“Skin is a beautiful thing, wear it well” I have never been one for toning, cleansing and moisturising…you know that full on facial skincare works thing? I have always been quite lucky with using fairly simple products without my face turning into a saggy mess but now I am older I am more focused on ensuring my skin has the right nourishment and protection. … Read More Currently Obsessed With Liz Earle

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Why Nanna’s Are Awesome

Nanna’s are influential in all of our lives, the list is endless as to how amazing they are, here are just a few reasons why.

+ London Bucket List

My London Bucket List

I did it! Hours of wracking my brain and researching the hell out of Google is finally over as my London Bucket List is now complete. I feel I need to caveat this as it is actually work in progress because the list keeps growing by the minute. At least five more items have been added just today alone. There is something about having an elasticated … Read More My London Bucket List

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How to Maximise A Day Off

Why is it that two days at the weekend whizz past compared to two days in the working week? It annoys the hell out of me. Monday to Friday is crazy busy with stuff and a faux-pas of mine…I am absolutely pants at relaxing. An hour into chilling I start researching what else I can or should be doing, it’s actually a bit annoying. … Read More How to Maximise A Day Off

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